Thursday, April 15, 2010


Do you ever noticed how EASY it is to become bogged down in life.

We become overwhelmed by things...even the simplest of things become huge tasks once too much is already on our "Life Plate."

I myself and working through a menagerie of things I need to finish up and get off of my plate..and or new projects I need to start. Blah.

Seems like we go on vacation to "Get away from it all."
Only to come home to a monster.

And then we are also "tired" from being on vacation. Nearly to the point that we need a "vacation" AFTER our vacation.

I'm so behind now upon my returning home I have so much to catch up blog layout that is nearly a month old now. I just can't seem to fit it all in.

So please mercy and grace for me and I will get to it eventually.

Today I am off to fulfill some commitments.
And today is a BIG day for my husband...He has turned the "Big 50" today.

It's amazing how he has gotten so old and I have stayed so young.

I really should behave myself's my turn in a few months. Ugh.


Ms.Daisy said...

I haven't even gone away and I feel "bogged down" with all the things I want to get done! lol! It looks as though you really had a wonderful time and in a few days you'll be glad you had that time together and won't be so tired! Enjoy!


Denise said...

I am bogged down and need a vacation but alas it is a few months away... and congrats to your sweet DH....... 50 I did not do so good but breezed right through 60.... I think at some point all things in your life changes and numbers have no bearing on our lives...... at least I keep telling myself that!!!!!