Friday, June 11, 2010

Is it just me?

... said Pooh, 
"the smallest things take up the
most room in your heart."
 by A.A. Milne
 Oh, how I wish dear little Pooh was right about that statement.

To me at the's the "big" things that are taking up alot of room in my world.

And I think I'd like to run away and hide with Pooh and his friends in the 

Even when life was tough for Pooh, and his little band of friends..........

They still always seem to have "cheery" dispositions.

Except for one friend. But he usually became happy in the end.

Frankly speaking though. I am becoming tired of this old, crazy world with all of it's badness and sadness.
I'm so trying NOT to be Eeyore.

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