Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Don't FORGET To Enter My CONTEST!!!

Contest is explained in the post below this one.

Monday, August 16th Midnight, Central Time Zone

"Jenny and Joyce,"
deeply appreciate all your efforts
on our behalves!!!


The HopeChest said...

I'm thinking, I'm thinking....Have a few but they sound so corny. I'll see if I have nerve enough to post them.

Joyce said...

These thoughts came from my friend Diane in Baton Rouge!

Here are some thoughts: Two for the road
Happy Trails
On the Road Again
Over Hill and Dale
Forever Together
Memories are Made of This"


The HopeChest said...

I guess I'm ready with some of mine....Tale(s) of Two Sisters
The Ballad(s) of Jenny and Joyce


Ms.Daisy said...

I'm still thinking...


The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, since it's you and your sister, how about the Juanting J's. I wasn't sure if your other sisters were making the trip so I just thought about you and Jenny. I was in Baton Rouge on Wedneday, but went with a friend to the Neuro Clinic off Bluebonnet.There for 3 very long hours. Hope you are feeling better. Hugs, Pat

The Urban Chic said...

ooops spelled Jaunting wrong, hope you got the idea.

Ms.Daisy said...

This is what I've come up with:

2 Sistas on the Road

If you use it for other trips it will be:

2 Sistas on the Road Again!

~Totally lame I know,

Joyce said...

Don't anyone feel badly for thinking your name is crazy or corny...that's why we asked you all because we couldn't figure one out either! HA!
Stay tuned.....