Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Very, Very, "Happy Ending".....

Now for the "Happy Ending"........don't we always love it when that happens?
I especially do for many good reasons.

After 5 days in the hospital and warnings over and over of "doom and gloom"....Friday finally came and that was the day I was to receive another "CAT scan" to see where I was in this process I was in.

Dr. #1 came in early.....and gave me some brief thoughts.

After that one left....I proceeded to get prepared mentally and physically for this test...which they had just told me after Dr. #1 left...would be at 10:00am.

Then I started preparing myself "Spiritually" for this event.
I was sitting up in my bed praying and reading a Psalm...my most favorite book of the Bible by the way.
 It always, always, comforts me.
 I just wanted to be "quiet."

And all was very quiet.

So much so that at 9:00am I heard this coming over the loudspeaker in the Hospital Hallway....

                         " For I know the plans I have for you,"
                                       declares the LORD, "
                                       plans to prosper you
                                       and not to harm you,
                                      plans to give you hope
                                              and a future."

Now...do you think this didn't make me want to shout and jump for joy right then and there??
This little event.......had just confirmed what I was already believing for.
                           And I absolutely was THRILLED!!!!!
 Because this is one of my all time favorite scriptures out of "Jeremiah..chapter 29 verse 11."
So these words spoke exactly to me.

At that same moment...I realized.....
                              "I am going to be JUST FINE!"

Not long after that happened...they came (quite on time even) to get me to roll me down to the Scan area. I knew it was going to go well....but the lady doing the CAT scan gave me this long and weird look at the end of it...making me think..."what is that all about???"

Once back in my room...I pulled my IV pole around with me as I packed up my belongings in anticipation!

At 1:00pm...the Surgeon...Dr. #2 came in by surprise and told me he was releasing me...and told me a few things. Which all were great NEWS!  I responded with.."HALLELUJAH!!!" And he laughed and shook my hand, then left my room. Probably very glad to be done with that crazy lady in there. HA!!

(My husband took this photo of me with my cell phone right after my admittance to the hospital..I had just had my first CAT scan and was in horrible pain. Thank you very much!
Do you think I wanted to just get up and smack him for doing this? HA!)

Now the only issue was...I had to wait for Dr. #1 who was my admitting Dr...to release me as well.
This became a HUGE problem. One that we were able to solve about FOUR hours later thankfully.

I was DRESSED and waiting in my room for all that time...just wanting to get out of there. At some point my little nurse came in to inform me they couldn't find Dr. #1...he had gone home early that afternoon and no one knew who was covering for him.......
And that I "might have to stay the night again."

Smiling I responded back to her..."Oh no I won't, I'm going home."  :~) She was a sweetie...but I was SO done with that place.

RED TAPE...always so frustrating.

I was eventually able to get released by a different Dr. mainly due to the fact that my husband Don is excellent about cutting through Red Tape...he should run for President of the United States.

I know he could get our country back on track and clean up the Oil Spill all at the same time, along with a host of other things as well. HA!

I arrived home around 6:00 that evening...very tired but very grateful for the journey and all that had been done.

Though I never want to repeat this again.......:~)

Sooooo many people "nation wide" and beyond reached out to me during that week and afterwards.

What a great thing...
For people to gather together behind a person...many of whom did not even know me nor anything about me.

I am so thankful to all of you........for praying and encouraging me and supporting me during this time and after the fact.

**Please feel free to contact me if you have any thoughts or questions!!**

Just remember...God is not a respecter of persons...He did this for me.....and He can do this for you!!!


Ms.Daisy said...

God is Good - All the Time! So, so glad for your happy ending! How surprised your doctors must have been!! :)


Charlotte said...

This is so "cool" Joyce. I'm so happy for you. God is good. That's for sure.
Hugs & blessings,

Jann said...

So glad you went home with good news and are feeling better, after all you've been through!

sister sheri said...

Wonderful encouraging words! So grateful to God for you!

Karen June Miller said...

This Scripture was read to me by my hubby today as we are enduring something entirely different. I love this!

I REJOICE WITH YOU! God is faithful and never caught off guard. He answers before we even pick up the telephone! Praise Him for His divine providence!

Love you, KJ

Barbara said...

A tough time for you Joyce b ut what a wonderful ending.