Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December 1st 2010

It's nearly that time of year again now isn't it?
I've been working on it......but haven't succeeded in getting too much decorating done.
I want to.
It just hasn't worked out that way as of yet. But it will.
I think.


Life's unexpected curves handing me yet once again another crazy road before me to travel down.

I love Christmas.....it's my most favorite time of the year.
Like it is for most people.
Yet, sometimes it can be heartwrenching as well can't it?
Illness, death, dispair, children with issues. Job problems, etc.
All these things tend to make us loose our "joy."
But it's not always about "us" now is it?
Sometimes......we must keep our focus on "Them and Those."
Which is what I am purposing on doing at this moment.
Life isn't always a rosey cup of tea is it?
Yet we must press onward......to a higher place.
And Christmas will come not just on one day but on every day.
That's the way I want it to be in my life.

Stay focused on this most holy season.
I'm trying to as well.
And with God's help I will and so will you!


Denise said...

We take this time to adore HIM that was born and was to die so that we could live....... Life is tough but HE came to lead us through...

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, what a beautiful post. I am finished decorating, so now I go and pull a muscle in my arm, but got an injection yesterday from the doctor and then on Wednesday, I go for another epidural before Christmas. It helps me get through the hustle and bussle of the season. But the main reason for the season is to reflect on the Birth of our Lord and Savior and I never fail in remembering that. He is the reason I enjoy the season so much, even though my house looks commercial, I have natities every where and one I need to send to a friend who once asked to buy it, but I would rather give than receive. God has blessed us as of late and Christmas is taken care of---no plastic for anything. My storage room is started and should be finished by the 15th, just in time to turn it into a temporary bedroom for us while the children get the best rooms. All in the name of love. So Al and I will be staying in a manager like room, filled with only a bed and light to sleep in.
I hope you get your decorating done soon. Love and hugs, Pat