Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving To Ya'll

It's been very hard for me to get into a Thanksgiving Day mood this year. I think for several reasons.
But mainly I think it's the hot weather. Hard to think "Thanksgiving" when it's 81 degrees out and humid.
Not complaining, just saying.

ADD to this the fact that "Mrs. Priss and Mr. Joshua" are out of Boston as a matter of fact.
Having the time of their lives.
On Holiday all by themselves.

And I'm missing them very much. Blah! They have grown up way too fast those two newlyweds out and about on a vacation without me and her Daddy along. HA!

Last year they had been married just about a month, and went to Gatlinburg with his family for Thanksgiving. Now they are away for the second year in a Mama's not HAPPY about this at all.

Not counting the fact that two of our three sons will be going to visit their perspective Fiance's and Girlfriend's, family for Thanksgiving Day dinner tomorrow...both families live in Cajun towns south of here.

So Mama's not HAPPY about this at all.

Tomorrow celebrating Thanksgiving Day dinner will just be Don and I, along with our older son.
Which is not a problem at all......and I've made a decision that we will "go out to eat."
Why not I say??
 Easier, faster, cleaner.

That's my cup of tea right there.

Yet, here it is now, Thanksgiving Eve and I feel the wave of saddness. But this is how life goes and we must share our family with others. Even if we don't want to. HA!

The thing is, my family is alive, healthy and happy and we love one another.
Why not be Thankful?

So, I'm going to "try my best" to be in a good mood tomorrow, and look pretty.......while waiting in line for hours (and listening to Don Mahan have a hissy fit) at the Cracker Barrel or where ever we end up for Thanksgiving Day Dinner.

In the end, it's all good.
And the day will be good too.
Hopefully the food will be too.

Have a Happy and BLESSED Thanksgiving!!!


The HopeChest said...

Thanks for the blessing and you, too. I didn't realize it would be just You and Don and G. Too many changes, but life does go on. I'll have a table of 12-14, which is change for me, the other way. I'm lovin' it. I just have to stay focused to get everything else done, and leave the rest to the turkey fryers (all the men of the group). Talk to you soon.

My Vintage Studio said...

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

Hugs, Sharon

The Urban Chic said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours also Joyce. It's only me and Al and a friend will join us for dinner. I thought about what you said and I too am sad that my children can't be with us, but looking forward to Christmas with the entire family. We are so blessed to have health, finanacial security, and a roof over our head, so for that I am very blessed and knowing friend like you are an added blessings. Love and hugs, Pat

Barbara said...

Hope you have a blessed thanksgiving. You need to come here if you want some cold weather. Forecast to be the coldest November for 17 years.

sister sheri said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Wishing for a joyful and peaceful day!

Ms.Daisy said...

Oh Joyce,
I DO understand! For a lot of years, while the girls were growing up and my family was 1500 miles away and his family went to other relatives for T-Day, just the four of us would go out to eat and it was good for us to be our little unit and celebrate the holiday with each other. Life changes so fast and so much, that it is better to "roll" with another year it will all be different again! Then, wait 'til the grandbabes arrive! HA!
Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend...


Denise said...

Oh girl...... I do understand.. I pray that your day was wonderful! TG was bitter sweet here.. We went over to my son's house.. He is single and so it was just me and my hubby and my brother and his wife..

The absence of mom and dad was so loud but having it somewhere other than my house helped.. I am thankful that I know that I know that I know that one day there is coming a reunion that will make our hearts sing!

The heart of a mother...... only God knows the sorrow.....