Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Tea in NOLA

It's good to take the time to travel away for "Tea" once in awhile.

                                         (Windsor Court)                                                

Myself, along with two friends decided to take that opportunity this afternoon and traveled down to New Orleans to go to tea at the "Windsor Court Tea Salon."
It's not far to New Orleans for us and we realize that we don't utilize the city like we should.
So my friend Marsha, and her daughter in law Christy made our way to the "Big Easy" this past Sunday afternoon.

                                       (Marsha and Christy in the Lobby of the Windsor Court)

                           The "Tea Salon" is nothing short of elegant and full   of  sophistication.
Our table setting below.....
First course below
Four types of sandwiches...let me see if can remember,
"a ham, a salmon souffle, an egg salad, and of course, a cucumber."

In between the first and second course...we had a lovely muffin type pastry and a scone.
Both were fabulous and oh so light.
And I forgot to take a photo of them because I was so consumed by them.
I mean......."I was CONSUMING them."

This was our third and final course.
Desserts of all sorts....strawberries dipped in chocolate, and chocolates and cheese cakes and a pecan tart and other such

We had three types of tea during our entire tea.
Different flavors to compliment each course.....

While eating and chatting and sipping our tea...we enjoyed the music from this stringed quartet.

Joyce and Marsha
"Bosom Tea Friends" as Anne Shirley would most likely call us!

In the Grand Foyer of the Hotel

In the Driveway/Courtyard area

In the courtyard area waiting on our valet parking attendant to show up.

Then it was time to come back home to Baton Rouge.

However we will return again one day!
We have a "plan" in the works already.
Well, of course we do.

You know how women are........

And we love us some tea!


The HopeChest said...

And a good time was had by all. We do enjoy our teas. Christy today said how wonderful the yesterday afternoon experience was. Let's go back. For me, it was a "Calgon, take me away", (I'm sure I'm dating myself).

My Vintage Studio said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time.

Wishing you a wonderful week!
Hugs, Sharon

Ms.Daisy said...

Oh, Joyce, that Salon looks so elegant and the wonderful goodies are to die for I'm sure! Ha! I am glad you and your friends had such a good outing!


Bernideen said...

What a great time you had - all looking lovely and great food. Makes me hungry just seeing the photos!

My word verification is "hogishe" - is this an accident?

Denise said...

Oh my! I have missed coming here and going with you to some of the most amazing places.... How fun was THAT......

If I were close to N.O. then I would meet you there..... All the smiles proves that you gals had a wonderful time!

Have a happy Sunday...

Barbara said...

Delicious and looks a nice place to visit for tea. Have fond memories of New Orleans in 1960.

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, what a way to be pampered. An afternoon tea is such a delight. Hubby drinks tea, but I do sometimes. He drinks it a lot more than I do, especially in the winter. Glad you had a fab time. Hugs, Pat