Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sweet Little Badger Sentiments.....

I've never seen a Badger in real life. Nor do I expect to, living where I do.
Have you?

To me he looks scary though don't you he wants to "rip your arm off."

I know this is a crazy subject for my little blog...however today as I was reading the BBC news..something I read nearly every day, I came across one of their headlines and decided to check it out.

The Brits write headlines that are funny to me sometimes. It's mainly due to of our use of words and meanings versus their wording and meanings.

Today's article headline was this.......
"Badger cull: Are we silly to be so sentimental?"

Which made me wonder in the first place......"what is a cull" and "how could anyone become sentimental over a Badger?" Just me and how I responded initially.

Then I looked at the article...and the artwork grabbed me immediately.
Take a peak below:
               they had my attention.

Because I love "Badger" of "The Wind and the Willows" very much. And I remember the "badger" that was in Beatrix Potter's "The Tale of Mr. Tod."

Sometimes the "Badgers" are kind and sweet, like in the Children's Classic Story Tale "The Wind and the Willows."

"Mr. McBadger" of The Wind In The Willow's, fame is always looking after "Mr. Toad, and Mole and Ratty." But he is especially always rescuing Toad. Who is seemingly forever in trouble of some odd sort or another.
"Prepare to repent for your follies."
Quote by Mr. McBadger to Mr. Toad. 

Yet in the Beatrix Potter story...the Badger character name "Tommy Brock" is a mean Badger and he wants to eat Benjamin Rabbit's children.
If he can that is.

Don't fret....the bunnies are rescued in the end!

Isn't it amazing how we humans tend to want to "humanize" animals in stories, and let them talk and interact as if they are just like us.

They garden, they walk upright, they have children and pets even.
They have fears, and emotions. All sorts of emotions.

It does make for great fun though though doesn't it?

I have nearly every "Beatrix Potter" children's DVDs I can get my hands on...and a few of her books.

Plus I own the "Wind in the Willows" and "The Wind in the Willows in Winter" VHS tapes ( I haven't come across them on DVD yet) and I won't part with them because I so love the stories.

Badgers, and Rats, and Moles and Rabbits and Kittens...
they are just fine by me.
And much nicer than some people I've come across.

If you want to read the BBC news article I'm referring to in the beginning of this blog posting.


...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Call me a sentimental fool but I can't imagine culling any little creature.
If we (as humans) would cease with taking over the woodlands, filling in the marshes, conquering the rainforests...and lived in harmony with Nature what a better place this would be.
Thank you so much for dropping by for a visit.

Ms.Daisy said...

Hi Joyce,
I love the stories of Beatrix Potter and the "Wind in the Willows." They are so much fun to read to little children. I read them to my girls and now I have the chance to read to my grandchildren! Life is such a beautiful circle isn't it? Glad you liked the post on cleaning silver. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!"