Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Days.......

It's the middle of January and most of the
World looks like this:

They tell us that 49 out of the 50 States have had snow in them this past week.

Including ours......which is a bit odd.

However sadly......we didn't get the snow this far down in our state.
They had it 3-4 hours north.
But not where we are in the Capital city.

However it's been very cooooold here.
And in my opinion if it's going to be this cold you might as well have some snow...

Even just a flurry or two.

Possibly my motives are wrong in saying that part.
Maybe because I bought some new boots right before Christmas and it hasn't even been "sloppy" enough for me to justify wearing them.
(but I have to think about the Homeless people and I don't want them out dying in the cold)
These boots are Crocs...
I like Crocs.

I tried on many, many boots this winter...
all over Baton Rouge, AND New Orleans and setteled on these.

They are different and not the norm when it comes to boots.
The great thing for me is that they don't hurt my feet or put pressure on them.

The bottom is a hard plastic/rubber/whatever,
and the top is a smooth nylon that you can also fold down
and create a flap at the top and make the look different say if
you want to tuck your pants into them.

They have a very warm lining in them that is hot pink.

One day it will be rainy and sloppy here........
because this is
We may not get snow but we do get some slop.
That's forsure.


Marydon said...

... & you are going to look smashing slopping around in those boots!

Have a beautiful PS weekend ~
Hugs, Marydon

Denise said...

I saw some boots in my new magazine today that I just want! Don't need them WANT them.... The Victorian Trading Post..... OMG.... what a magazine! Makes me spend money! hahahah

Have a good weekend girl..... Life comes at us hard.. BUT we are overcomers! We know how this story ends.......

Ms.Daisy said...

Love you new boots...I didn't even know that Crocs made boots! Yes, we've had 30" inches of snow up here in SOUTHERN New Jersey! We had a blizzard Christmas weekend that dumped 20" inches on us but I was away in PA visiting my daughter and her family. Whew! Escaped that one - but not the others! I am so sorry to hear about your friend's husband. Good to know that he will be with Our Lord forever, though.

Linda J. said...

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