Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Special Tea Package

It is always fun to recieve a package in the mail!
Especially one from someone you don't even know and have never even met!

I recieved one in the mail recently and was SO amazed!

It just so happened that I totally by chance.....just on a whim one night went to visit
Ms. Linda's blog at "Friendship Tea".
She just so happened to have been celebrating her
"3rd year Blogaversary" as she called it. I think.
Maybe it was "Bloganniversary." HA!

I left her a comment...nothing major. Not expecting to win her prizes she offered. Just trying to be enouraging.

Because this was all regarding her accomplishment of reaching her 3rd anniversary at blogging. Which is a huge thing because it's not always easy to blog.
And not for three years straight.

Ms. Linda updates often..and her posts are interesting and full of nice photos.

The next thing I know...Linda contacted me and told me I had "won."
I was thinking......"won what and for what??"
I had to go back and look at her blog to see! HA!
Lucky ME!!

The focus gifts on her blog were this sweet bone china Teacup, and a special blend of tea from a  tea room she had visited in Perryville, KY. called "The Elmwood Inn."

However...once she packed the tea box up..she included in some more special litlte gifts.

Like this CUUUUUTE little teapot timer! I've seen them on other sites and wanted one but never had found them.
There was also this sweet little devotional in a little purple silk bag.
I love to read and I love devotionals...they keep a person inspired!
There also was a wonderful little "teapot measuring tape" and a little plant stake that had a teapot on it with a tea saying.
Can you see them earlier photo up above?
They are in the left hand side of this photo.
I LOVED them both...
I put the measuring tape in my purse right away.
I think that will come in soooo handy!
Especially when I am out shopping!

So, I made some tea.........

I used the teacup.
Then used it again to decorate my kitchen window sill area for Valentine's Day.
Look how cute it turned out to be!

The blogging world is so amazing because you can meet people you never would have otherwise.

And I have met some wonderful ladies all over the world through the years...
I am very thankful for them.
It keeps life fun and exciting!

Now I am adding Ms. Linda in Kentucky
to this list of "friends."

Thank you Ms. Linda and God bless your sweet giving heart!


Pam said...

Joyce, what a surprise for you, you must have been thrilled! The teacup is so pretty and the little teapot timer is adorable. I'm a new blogger and hope to meet some kindred spirits as yourself!

Ms.Daisy said...

I love surprises especially ones like this! Such a nice array of goodies arrived for your pleasure. I do love that teacup and saucer - I think they makes tea tastier! :)
I'm happy to see you back on the blogging trail! HA!


Linda J. said...

I am so happy you enjoyed my three year blog anniversary giveaway tea-themed package. You are right, meeting lovely friends has definitely been a bonus to blogging! I am glad you dropped by Friendship Tea on a whim, because now I visit your blog every day.

suchi said...

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Anonymous said...

What an incredible prize! Everything is so very lovely. Congratulations on receiving these.

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

Linda's wonderful! and a participant in the FHC TeaCup Trade too! she just posted her gift package from her TeaCup Trade partner & just as excited as you ") Lovely to see this shared JOY!
thx for taking tea with me @FHC & chatting ~ pleased to meet you ~ will look forward to your visits...

My Vintage Studio said...

Wonderful surprise mail!
Great items for you.

Hope you are feeling better!
Hugs, Sharon

samovar said...

your blog is so lovely!
especially the photos!
love them!
thanks, will stop by often!
your tea swap friend andrea

suchi said...

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