Saturday, February 5, 2011

My New Tea Friend....

I love my friends......I have old ones, young ones, some are family, most have
"become" family.
Some I've never met.....and probably never will "Face to "Face"..but they have become my friends.

Joyce and Don
My husband is my BESTEST friend.......
Joyce and Jenny
My sister Jenny is my second best friend and she doesn't even live near me and I only see her once a year!
I hate that part!
She will be mad at me for using this photo of her with the "lazy eyes!"
Sorry Jenny....I like it! Well my part. HA!
And your shirt.
Joyce, Ariel, Chantelle, w/Embug
I have "Life long friends" who we have grown up Chantelle on the right holding her daughter Embug.
We've known Chantelle since she ws 18 years old and she used to baby sit our daughter Ariel when she was a new born!! 
Chantelle is family to us now.

Stacy, Joyce and Jenny
Taken in summer of 2010 in Iowa
Sometimes you have "friends of friends" my sister's friend Stacy who is aldo my friend now. Stacy is a special person and she's hilarious and makes me laugh till I cry.
I LOVE people like that!!
Joyce, Tricia, Diane
Then I have my "Tea friends".....
I love my special Tea friends......they are a huge blessing in my life. We've been through "thick and thin" together.
Joyce, Marsha, Tricia, Diane
"The Royal Court of Tea Sister's"
My Tea Group at a Tea outing,
touring Plantations this past Fall.
Me and Marsha
at the "Windsor Court"
Tea room in New Orleans this past November.
We had a blast!

In my life I have,
"Church friends, Blog friends" and all varieties of
"Life Acquaintances."

"Something" or "Someone"....
always "brings" people together.

Have you noticed that?
It's a similar like, or a tragedy, or a need,
something that draws you to that other person.
God uses things you know.....

Even something as simple as a cup of tea.
And I like that.
Small things......big pleasures.

I have a new "Tea friend".....

I'll explain more about her later
and some other ladies
I have met this past 8 months.
I've been involved in the
 and it's been GREAT FUN!

But I haven't the time to explain it all right now, for I am off to work.
So come back and visit me in a few days!

Oh......and that brings me to another place of friendships.
I am friend with many of my co-workers just as probably  many of you are as well.

It's life really interesting and
 GRAND when you think about the
 "BIG SCHEME" of things??

It also makes other places
and spots in this 
not so distant
and far away.


Linda J. said...

Joyce, I loved seeing photos of you and friends. Like you, my husband is my best friend. And, I have old friends, new friends, tea friends and blogging friends. This is a great post!!

Ms.Daisy said...

I love seeing the pictures of all your friends! It is amazing how many friends we do have if we start making lists! I think I will do that right now!


Denise said...

What a wonderful post...... Friends are jewels..... I have prayed and asked the Father God to send me a good friend.. I took care of Mom and Dad for so long all my friends moved on with their life and now that I am able go and do more I need a friend.. I know HE has heard and I think HE will do that soon.......

You are blessed girl......

samovar said...

i loved seeing all these photos, funny, i pictured you as a brown, autumn color type and it seems like i am right!
till we e-mail again!
your "tea-swap" friend andrea

Bernideen said...

I agree - what a great post - people we willnever meet - even - can be a sort of friend- out there!

sister sheri said...

Love seeing all your friends! What a great idea!

Ms.Daisy said...

Thank you for stopping by to say "hi" and your nice comments about my posting about my Mom.