Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring Has Sprung In The South!

I'm happy to announce that
"Spring Has Sprung!"

However, I must say this only pertains to those of us who live in the deep South.

Today our temps hit a record high and we topped out at 85 degrees!

I think all of this sunshine and Spring like weather has caused my flower bulbs to burst forth in their pots.
I had just planted them only two weeks ago as "gifts" from my husband for Valentine's Day.

This past Wednesday morning after waking up and coming into my office area,
 I saw this!
My daffodils had opened!

And I was thrilled.

They made me smile....
and grab my camera to "capture" the moment.
I personally really, enjoy Spring flowers.

But I like ALL flowers I believe.
They make me feel good.

I keep keep fresh flowers on my kitchen table......
It would be a "rare" thing for you to come to my house and not see some type of fresh flower in my crystal vases somewhere.

This is just something that I do as a "treat" to myself.
It's not that expensive and it keeps my home looking fresh and homey.
I had bought these several days earlier......and they will last a good week or more.

Yet today, someone is not "cooperating!!"

Did any of you notice this old Teapot?

It's not the most beautiful one that I own...but it's probably the most "sentimental" of the many that are in my home.

It's not got one, single, chip in it but it's a tiny bit crackled in the lid and the bottom.
Not bad at all though.

Here is how I came about owning this teapot.

Years ago when I inherited many of my Great Aunt's dishes...(including all of her China dishes)
This teapot was amongst the great treasures I was given.

It was told to me that it was my Great Grandmother's.....but since my Sister and I, along with our Father are the last of our family and my Dad didn't know any of the history regarding any of the dishes.

We don't really know who it belonged to.
My Aunt or my Great Grandmother?
The bottom is marked
"Dresdan World China"
And has a "world logo" on it....
But I can't find much about it history wise.
I've tried. doesn't matter really.
To me it's a lovely bit of family history which I am very thankful for.

And it is "safe and sound" in my home.
Next to the daffodils.


Linda J. said...

Your heirloom teapot is very special, and your dafodils are a delightful reminder of more spring to come! Severe storms here in KY today are our reminder of the coming spring.

sister sheri said...

Thanks for the reminder to buy some fresh flowers! Beautiful!

Ms.Daisy said...

I love seeing your fresh flowers and the dafodils are so pretty, too!
I have a cream pitcher that was my grandmother's and I do treasure it so I know how you feel about your lovely old teapot. We have had rain all day today with the hope that tomorrow will clear up. Still chilly, though.


My Vintage Studio said...

Wishing you a wonderful week dear friend!
Hugs, Sharon

The HopeChest said...

Nice "message". Daffodils are my favorite bulb and every year I think about planting them TOO LATE. Here I am again, thinking about it TOO LATE. Please remind me, I guess next Oct? So pretty, very lady bonnet-ish. And my favorite color, too. Thanks for sharing.

Sara said...

I love daffodils and yours are gorgeous! I'm not ready for 85 degrees but 65 wouldn't be bad!

The Urban Chic said...

Hi Joyce, the flowers are gorgeous and I remember as a child having fresh flowers from my mom's garden all the time, but those days are no longer and she is likely planting some in Heaven, if not, my dad is.
I am feeling a wee bit better today, but the road to recovery seems slow to me. It's hard for a type A personality to just sit and read and work puzzles, but for now that is what I am up to. I love our weather, but at times, 85 is a little warm for me, but I am so glad spring is here. I find I can't tolerate the cold as much.
Love the teapot and I'm sure it holds some wonderful sentiments for you, since you are a true tea lover. Love Ya, Pat


Very lovely post. I too keep fresh flowers around the house, not every week, but almost. I especially do when they are in bloom in the garden. I really love the teapot. It is pretty to me.