Sunday, February 20, 2011

Time For Tea

"The Royal Court of Tea Sisters"will be holding their annual "Valentine's Tea" this afternoon.        

  Many things have taken place and our lives have changed since our last gathering which was at  Christmas.

Especially for our dear friend Diane who nearly lost her husband.

I must report that he is doing so much better.
We were prepared for the worst......but this past month he has done a bit of a "rebound."

                                                                    (Joyce and Diane)

I know this is mostly impart to our Loving Heavenly Father and to Diane who is one of the most amazing "Survivors" you would ever meet second only to my husband Don. HA!
She has fought and fought and revamped their lives and their home in attempts to save her husband's life.
And it's happened.
Mr. Bob is not 100% but he is still with us and he's so alert and talkative and it's been something that many of us have been very encouraged by.
Diane needs this time away with today with her Tea friends......and we need her too!
We had two special guests last time.
Christy and her baby came to join us...sweet baby wasn't feeling so well.
Christy and her baby beside Nana Marsha

Wonderful tea sandwiches were served.

Breads and spreads
Tricia made a wonderful ham and vegetable chowder.

These Tea event's are about more than the food.
Even though the food is a fun part of it all.

What these times are about the most is the
"Deep Fellowship"
 we enjoy together.

Of course we talk about current affairs, and what we've been reading and what new projects we may be working on in our homes.

During these hours together we "catch up" on what is taking place in each others lives and it always goes back to the things we hold dearest it seems.

Our faith, and our families.

Right now I am preparing the foods I am to bring.....
much like I was in December when my husband snapped a photo of me making my Cranberry Tea Bread.
Can you tell I was thinking "What in the WORLD are you doing??"
I was tired after working all day...and then was baking way too late at night.

The photo was his ideal not mine.
But I figured at that point...let's make the BEST of it.

Martha Stewart, eat your heart out.

My finished "Sweet"
And the finished "Savory'...Cranberry Tea Spread sandwiches on a special
"Chocolate/Cherry Bread" from Whole Foods.

I get CRAZY for Cranberry's at Christmas and do much with them baking and eating wise.
Today's foods will be different of course.

I'll have updates as soon as possible.
I better go "charge" up my camera right now!
I do hope I take more photos of Tricia this time.....
I seemed to have missed taking one of her last time.
We get so busy chatting and eating......we forget to record the day properly with photos!
We need a "man" photographer who doesn't care to enjoy tea with us.

I don't think it will be this man however......


Linda J. said...

How wonderful to have this special group of tea sisters to share life's journey.

My Vintage Studio said...

Hope you had a wonderful time with your friends today!

Wishing you a wonderful week!
Hugs, Sharon

Ms.Daisy said...

What a wonderful tradition you and your tea ladies have started. The food looks yummy and I know how much I enjoy my sister friends and chatting with them. Hope your week is wonderful.


samovar said...

so much fun to keep up with you like this! plus your article gave me ideas!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

My husband would have sat down too! You should link this post up tomorrow. :)

Kathy said...

How lovely! I will pray for your friend and her husband - God's grace can give us such resillience - isn't it wonderful to know the depth of his love and that he cares for each one of our needs and desires -
I am so glad you visited - have become your newest follower!
God Bless<

Bernideen said...

What darling photos of a friendship group bonded together through tea!

Kathy said...

I wanted to share with you that I featured your blog in my Inspired by YOU post today at A Delightsome Life.
You can find the post here

God Bless,

Marilyn said...

Your tea looks wonderful. How lovely to have you join us at the tea table of ATAA. I was especially intrigued by the sandwich the had what I think was watercress on the edge. It looked so pretty.

Antiques And Teacups said...

How fun to visit and see your photos! Wonderful! I am following your blog...and welcome again to ATAA!