Sunday, March 6, 2011

How's Your Life Going?

"I have my own little world, but it's okay -
they know me here."
 ~Author Unknown~

Have you ever felt like this???

I have....

"Your kinda up, and kinda down."

Some call it crazy.

I call it..........
"Welcome to my life!"

This is exactly how my Yellow Tulips bloomed.

One was up and one was "upside down."

 To me however, they were not "deformed" or
damaged goods.......

To me they were

It is all about how we "view" things in life.

is so vital.



The Urban Chic said...

joyce, we are all okay from the storm. It was horrible in Rayne and one of the poorest neighborhoods, which makes it even sadder, because it's so dangerous, people can't even go in and try to salvage some of their belongs, so they are just bulldozing a lot of homes. Really sad. Prayers are needed for the families.

Your daffodils are pretty and it doesn't matter that one is up and one is down. Very symbolic of our lives with their ups and downs. Love and hugs, Pat

Joyce said...

Ms. Pat...I was thinking of you and wondering how it was. I hate that when the poverty stricken are hit so hard. God have mercy..and He does.
I will write to you on your site!

Ms.Daisy said...

I love the way the tulip up and one down! Lovely way of looking at things!
I read about your tea party and I love, love, love the look of those cranberry and lemon scones! I'll bet they tasted even better than they looked,too!


Jackie said...

It would look the same way on the other side of the globe (Aussie Land), but in reverse...I think!

samovar said...

well, i love the new green look, so refreshing!


Well my view has been from the underside for quite some time now. I've got to get things turned back around. Thanks for this post of encouragement.