Monday, May 16, 2011

The Morning Of...

So many preparations had taken place.
It was the morning of
"The Royal Wedding......"
We were ready for this!!!
"Royal Wedding"......

I was a bit dazed
and tired that morning....:~)

Getting up at 3:30am,
 will do that to you after
 only receiving bits of sleep
 through out that night,
 going to bed at

I didn't sleep at all,
 and I now realize it must have been due to
before going to bed.

Here we are now
back on track....

The wedding procession
 was wonderful.....

We Ladies, of the
"Royal Court of Tea Sisters,"
 were NOT disappointed
with Ms. Middleton's dress.

We loved the Bride....

And the Groom.

And Harry of course.
He's so naughty and cute...
who can't resist him?

We didn't have a negative, complaint
To us...
it all went of wonderfully.

Not quite awake enough to pose...
but we were in our Wedding
Well.....somewhat that is.

(Joyce and Tricia)
It was early and we were tired
 so we opted for our best
 "Wedding PJ's/Robes"
and special
Wedding "Hat's"
 of course....
(Marsha, opted to get dressed)
Then once the wedding was totally over....
and we hadn't missed a thing.

Tricia and I, changed into our
Wedding "Day" clothes.

We wanted to 
ready for

This little one doesn't seem "to thrilled"
by the festivites.

However .....

We are absolute
"Romantics at heart"

And if you were
We did eat cake.
And it was FABULOUS.

Just as the Wedding was.

By 9:15am...
we had dispearsed
from Marsha's home
 and went
to our own
little cottages.

My husband snapped this
 photo of me once arriving home.
Very tired,
"Hat Hair" and
a bit "Shinny"about the face.....
but feeling extremely happy inside.

Off I went after that to lay on the couch.

To continue watching more
Royal Wedding coverage.......

For about two more days.

How about you all??

 Did you watch it at all?
Did you watch it 100 times like I did?

Write me your feedback.

I'm intrested in knowing...
How you celebrated the occasion, if at all?
And why did you?


samovar said...

kate's mother is karl lagergeld's favorite here" on french TV

Ms.Daisy said...

I did watch the royal wedding, but not at 5:00 am! I watched all the coverage the next day. I really liked' Catherine's gown AND veil (some said it was too plain but for her lace dress I thought it was perfect.) Your party looked like a lot of fun - you ladies of the Tea really know how to do it right!


Bernideen said...

Joyce: This post is so fun! Love all the real life photos! What a great group you have!

Barbara said...

You are so funny - this was amusing.

The little bridesmaid was shielding her ears from the noise of the crowds and the flypast.

The HopeChest said...

You know I had a good time....but the late hours were a bit too much. Glad I could watch replay after replay after replay. Could watch it all over again. A lovely couple, a lovely wedding ceremony, a lovely day. Thanks Joyce for all your help and participation. We did it up Royal.