Monday, May 9, 2011

~Royal Wedding Meal Plan~

For our "Royal Wedding Over Night Party" we decided to go "Buffet Style" for our evening meal.
Which was really a great ideal.
Thank you Marsha!

We sat at the Kitchen table and it was more intimate that way.
We had the TV on blaring "Royal Wedding" news while we chatted and ate.
It felt more like a
"Pub Setting."

We all brought dishes of food and snacks for throughout the evening and foods for breakfast.

In fact it was quite a Royal FEAST!

There was a wonderful, "Shepherd's Pie"...
the English kind,
not the nasty American kind we've all tasted.
This was the real deal.

Potato and Leek Soup

A fabulous Salad in a beautiful crystal bowl fit for Royalty!

We also enjoyed
"Roasted Vegetables,
 English "Peas and Carrots."

Our plates were FULL....
The Potato and Leek soup was
 "spot on"
just as were all the wonderful dishes.

Everything looked and tasted fantastic!

Tricia in her "Royal" apron. So fun!

Joyce and Diane

In waiting patiently in the Formal Dining Room was this....

Beautifully set up and waiting for a Royal "Reception."
Which we enjoyed later that evening.....

~More next visit~
Please come back!


Ms.Daisy said...

Oh my, that food looks too delicious! Potato and leek soup one of my favorites! And that cake! Too beautiful...I would have had trouble cutting that beauty! So glad you and your Tea Party participants had such a wonderful time at the Royal Wedding!


Bernideen said...

Oh my - this looks fabulous Joyce. Each dish is a delight and I am sure tasted wonderful!

samovar said...

the food looks amazing!
love the new look of your blog, those red phone booths...

The HopeChest said...

Good blog coverage. I especially like the comment "We had the TV on blaring "Royal Wedding" news while we chatted and ate.
It felt more like a
"Pub Setting.". So true. I miss looking forward to the event. What next can we celebrate?