Saturday, April 21, 2007

People you need to know!

The couple in the middle are Norried and Doris Chaisson. They are one of the most precious, dedicated, hardworking, couples you will ever meet.

PLUS.......they love people, and so much so that they have given up living in America like we all do and they have lived all the years I've known them and more in the South Pacific, working with people in various islands. They have lived and worked in the Marshall Islands, the Chuuk Islands, formally known as the
"Truk Islands," and for the past 15 years or so their family has been on various island posts on the Solomon Islands.

Yes, those ARE the islands that were just hit by the recent earthquake and tsunami.

Every single island the Chaission's had worked on was hit by this natural disaster, much to their dismay and all of ours. Thank heaven they were home at this time. They have been back in America on "furlough" raising funds to go back to the South Pacific for another four years of missions work. Whew!

They leave in June for a new missions assignment to a tiny Island called...
"The Republic of Nauru."
There are no church buildings, no missionaries, the country has no water system. The land mass of this island is about the size of Washington D.C....they will have to put "rain barrels" on the roof of where ever they live (that isn't worked out yet either so PRAY about this!) to "catch water" so that they can have it to use.
Can you even imagine this? Nope not us.....we turn on the tap and get a glass of water in a moment, they will have to "purify their water" before drinking it.

My husband Don and I love these people. They are some of the "hero's" in our lives.
I wouldn't say that about many people but if you knew this couple like we do, you would say the same thing.
Pray for them, and please consider supporting them even......they will need all the prayers and help they can get for their new missions assignment.

IF you are interested in learning more about this couple and their missions work, or would like to help in their endeavor, PLEASE contact me.

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