Monday, October 29, 2007

Am I nuts or what??

Last night I realized I've been taking my antibiotic prescription wrong!

Duh....I was only taking one per day and was to be taking 2 per day.

Okay so then TODAY I go for my "Dr. appointment" to find out that they don't have me down for today.....and I was WRONG it's for next Monday.

Ugh....what am I nuts??

The girl said "Monday" and the date when I was there last week and I just thought it was THIS MONDAY! Maybe it was wishful thinking because I've been feeling soooo crummy.

Oh I can at least get the infection (HELP quick Lord!) knocked out before next week I guess and then we can re-run some tests. Then my immune system can quit ATTACKING my joints too instead the REAL Bug.

Also....did you all have problems with your clocks "self setting" themselves ahead? We had that issue too! Crazy......our bedroom clocks adjusted themselves a WEEK too early.

We aren't "Falling back" until next week......Gabe's cell phone did it too. Weird. So Miss Priss didn't get up in time for school today which is sooo not like her.....then she found out that HER clock did the same thing. Weird. So she was home today. Luke's clock didn't do it.

It was like some odd poltergeist of clocks or something. It made us late going to Miss Priss's birthday dinner last night at Olive Garden too. We kept thinking it was a different time other than what it actually was at the moment.

Saturday and Sunday I loaded TONS of new music into my IPOD library and "thought" my IPOD was loading the songs as well....I even "bought" a few songs from the "Itunes" store. Fun.

All was going well.

So I thought.
This process took FOREVER and then once I unplugged everything and checked my Ipod...I realized that it didn't grab the new music AT ALL!!!

UGHHHHHH! I hate that. I am SO not the electronics person so it's a HUGE thing for me to even mess with any of it.

I will have to figure what is up with all this now.

I think I will go BACK to bed......even though it's 3:30pm.

Oh well, I've done it before.

Hey, by the way, did you know that "Nuts are Fruit?"

That is way too complicated for me today.
Right up there with Ipods and self setting clocks.

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