Monday, October 29, 2007


I only have photos of "Miss Priss" and her boyfriend "The Russian"....Luke hasn't given me his photos because the group he was with took them at someone elses house. Hummmm.....boys they never care about things like photos for their own PARENTS!

Anyhow, good night was had by all I know that much.

We also had company at our home sitting with us Saturday night, while they themself, waited for their child who was at a different Homecoming celebration than our kids.

That was nice, except I felt horrible and I know I wasn't too good as a host.
I was a terrible one in fact.
We watched football with Don and chatted I laid on the couch. Fun!!!

Oh well....


FeatherIron said...

She looks beautiful!

joyce said...

These photos I took with my camera were a bit dark though. If hers from another house are lighter I will put them on as well.