Friday, October 26, 2007

Don't do it Tony........

Okay this scares me.
Not the photo but this new bit of news I found out.

I was reading the other day and learned that there is "talk" of Tony Blair becoming the new "President of the E.U."

Ewwww...I just felt a chill go down my spine.

Most of you know by now that I LIKE Tony Blair and thought he did a pretty good job as England's last Prime minister. However, this new "E.U." post bothers me. A bunch.

I read where Gordan Brown said this regarding the new European Union post possibility for Tony.

"British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Blair would be a "great candidate" to become EU boss."Tony Blair would be a great candidate for any significant international job," Brown told reporters at the end of the EU summit. "As you know, the work that he is doing in the Middle East (as a peace envoy) is something that is of huge international importance."

I hope Tony's not going to take this job because then he could end up becoming the Anti Christ or something.

Scary. I don't think that Tony would fill the bill for that spot really because of his background and such......but more than likely that person that takes the "E.U." President" position for any long term amount of time "could" end up being the
"False Prophet" maybe and I don't want him to be either one of those things.

I think he's better than all that and needs to beware.
So what if the E.U. President job pays roughly about $400 thousand a year for a "two and a half year fixed term."
That's not bad money but still you would have to deal with all those fighting "unions."
Nations rather. Making them obey all those "E.U." rules and such.

But the worst thing regarding that type of post would be.....that he would have to "give up" his friend ship with America basically.
That my friends, is not a good thing. Especially since alot of the E.U. hates America.

I've always said....."let's get Tony over here and let him work for us or in one of our Universities or something".....but maybe the wife doesn't want to move here.
Who knows.

Alot of Brits move to America though. Take my son's, girlfriends, family.
They moved here to America permanently a couple of years ago from England.

Not long ago while having a conversation with her about England....she told my husband this ....."England's 'over rated.'"
To which, I yelled and said....."don't tell him that!!!!"

She was the SECOND British person in a non related situation to say that EXACT same line to my husband and I in the spam of about 2 months.

What's up with England I say??? Cool old buildings, Royalty, great accents.
Fish and Chips. Great music sensations. Awesome writers. Major, major history. Beautiful scenery.
What's not to like???

It's the "beach situation" I bet. It has to be.

I've heard over and over that they don't have decent beaches there. I know people from England that GO as far as Africa or Spain just to go to the beach.
That is crazy to me but someone I personally know in England went to Africa TWICE this year just to go to the KENYA of ALL PLACES!

I mean if you go to Africa, it's to do "missions work" not to go to the "beach" of all things. I just find that odd, but I suppose if your desperate for the beach, and you live in England, you have to do something extreme.

My advise to Tony Blair is...."keep the job in the Middle East."

Otherwise.....move over here to America.
We have cool beaches here.
I know many Brits LOVE Florida for that very reason, warm weather. palm trees and nice beaches.
In fact.....alot of Europeans love Florida.

We had to go to a conference once in Florida with some other staff members. One of the staff guy's wife was from Poland and she and I were hanging out at a Mall one day during a break and she said to me..."I can't wait to call my Mom and tell her that we went to Florida." I'm thinking....."so what."

Then she told me how Europeans "long to go to Florida." For several reasons.

I mean have you ever been to Disney World?
Half the people there are European.

So there you have it....Tony Blair could become Governor of Florida when Jeb leaves.
There's a thought.

Or he could run Disney World. Whichever.
Disney World is probably more like the E.U. anyway.
It might even pay more.

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