Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall photos from Connecticut

These photos came from Gabe's girlfriend in Connecticut today!
She said in her e-mail........
Just thought you may like some pictures of Connecticut in the fall, I have never seen anything like it, it's beautiful.
see you very soon.
All My Love."

She will be here in a few days....poor thing... I hope she isn't looking for that kind of lovely "color works" happening here. Or the cool weather.

I think I want to move there at least for the pumpkins. I love this photo.
I love "pumpkin patch photos" don't ask me why. Isn't that weird??
Maybe there is a bit of "Linus" in me?

I don't know what it is but I love to see them all piled up and all over the place.

We saw a HUGE pumpkin field in Texas one year on our way to Colorado one year and it was so big and orange and AWESOME....this "pumpkin patch" spread over acres and acres and it was hilly and just fabulous looking as we passed by on the Interstate.

I wished we could have known it was there ahead of time and we would have stopped.

She sent more photos too, I just couldn't get them all on here tonight.
I will do some more later.

Sounds as if they trees didn't change colors in England. I wrote her a note back and asked her that.....she hasn't responded yet. That's odd to think the trees didn't turn color because I would have thought they would have changed color as it cools down over there.

Maybe not in her area of England?

Who knows??
It's now become a "Fall" mystery that I must solve.

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