Monday, October 22, 2007


Inspiration. Well, I haven't much of it today. Not to write that is. It's been a very, busy RAINY day here and I'm exhausted.

I have some things to write later but for now I am going to probably retire to my very, lovely, warm BED and curl up for the night with my "Wind in the Willows" book I've been reading.

This afternoon while I had Miss Priss at Sam's for an eye Dr. visit, I saw the new
"Jane Austin Book Club" book and picked that up to read next.

I've decided for now...and I know I am right on this.....that I need a BREAK from "heavy" book reading. Not heavy Bible reading....or my Bible study stuff.
But from ....reading all kinds of books about every thing under the sun that relates to what is going on at this time in "church world."

I'm a bit tired of some of it. This opinion, that opinion, this thing that thing.

I think, actually it was Solomon that said....."There is nothing new under the sun" didn't he?
Well......hummmm why am I buying all this stuff??
It's starting to totally frustrate me.
Besides they all say the same things..basically....just different angles.

That's all good and fine but....I've been thinking though...
"how much more I need to spend my time (and save $$$) just reading the most "VALUABLE" book in the known world."

I think today's society gets a bit "crazed" or at least I do at times, with all these new "cutting edge" books full of "new revelation" and ideals that are out there and frankly...I've not learned anything much that has been so grand.

I need five minutes to regroup on some things.

So I shall.
This includes not reading every book that hits the current market on every subject known to "christiandom."

Not to say I won't pick them all back up and read on again at some point... because I'm sure I will.....but for now I'm entering a new "season" and I know it.
I know how this works for me.

It may all change next week, but for this week...I'm not doing it and I'm "under orders."
Works for me.

And it's time for this too.

I have a few other things that I'm not going to be doing either.

Though I will still make myself available to write about issues that are important when they are laid on my heart. So we will see how life leads me in the next few weeks.
I'm looking forward to it actually.

Tea "question" for the night:

What is a tea cozy?

50 points if you know it.......


A tea cozy is a fabric cover, much like an oven mitt, which is placed over a teapot in order to prevent heat loss. Tea cozies come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most are designed simply to cover the entire pot, handle and spout.

Some, however, are made with openings and elastic so that they cover only the body of the teapot, leaving the handle and spout exposed so that you needn't remove the cozy in order to pour the tea.A cozy is primarily useful if you make several cups at a time and want the extra tea to remain hot in the pot until you're ready to drink it. Note that ceramic handles tend to become very hot when the pot is kept warm in this fashion.

I think "Tea Cozies..hummm is that with an "ies" or a "y"???
Oh well........
I think "Tea Cozies are cute...I just don't have one. I almost bought a lovely, white, lacy, eyelet, one once but then I thought it a bit pricey.

Maybe I can get my Mom to sew me one. She's good at stuff like that.

Off to read about "Badgers and Moles and Otters" now.


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