Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My "Mashuga" friends........

Okay my friends are "Mashuga" I know that.

That's why they are my friends.
Because I am Mashuga at times as well, like the past few days in fact.

Today and yesterday well,.....and even the past few days.....well, maybe for up to a week even.... I have been forgetting everything it seems.

It's been one of those...."hummm...better write that thing down days"
for me.

So this morning after reading an e-mail update from my friends, Keith and Iwona,
I write this big long story about them and present their case and what's going on with them and so on and so forth and then I get a new e-mail/newsletter "CORRECTION" story from them like a few hours later.

I write Iwona immediately and say.....
"are you people crazy, do you mean I REALLY have to re-write my blog post and tell all these people this stuff"

To which she responds......oh and let me say this...
I love Iwona she is a VERY forthright European, I might add....... and I DO like that.

"and answering your question:

I am sorry to say, but I think you need to redo it, so I can sleep better at night time.......

and my favorite part of her response was this line.....

"Well, better to have conviction after 2 hours, then burn in hell for eternity....


I laughed my head off because you have to understand......this is the lady that comes to America to marry her American "Prince" and at some point when she is at our church where we were all at then she gets an oppertunity to "share something" from the pulpit.

It's during one of the services.....and I can't remember now what the occasion was.....like "why" she got to have this chance but she gets to stand before the church and speak to the people and she has this to say amongst other things but this stood out to me and many others that were there for that "Golden moment"......

Personally, I will NEVER forget it.

I think you will understand why....she said this...ummm....with a very thick Polish accent.....

"You Americans you think you are so something because you have RED CARPET in your church."

Okay....when that happened....I started to sweat and felt panic. I mean you had to be there.

It was a fantastic moment....but I was thinking....

"Okay they are sooooo much trouble".....because you see...Keith was on staff at the time.....along with my husband and many other good friends of ours now. So you can see.....it was a scary moment.

What she said was......CORRECT...I understood her statement. Because she was addressing PRIDE in the church. It was just the "HOW" it came out part that freaked me out on their behalf.

Anyhow...I called Keith today and talked to him for about 2 hours....OUCH.......

But it was fun and I did have a blast talking with him, laughing my head off and comparing notes on passionate subjects that aren't so funny that we have a common interest in like "HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

Long story and we will be going there later on another posting. It's too much to tackle right now at this moment and Keith gave me some new info.

For now......let me give you the current UPDATE.....for Keith and Iwona. My friends.

By the way......I am VERY excited about the Polish Pastors coming to K.C. tomorrow.....very excited.

In fact my family is getting involved in that cause......regardless of the update. We will be helping on that new issue as well because we believe in what they are doing.

You have to understand.......ALL IHOP'ers raise their OWN support. They all have to find their own funding. Keith receives a tiny bit of money for they IV/Media work he does at the IHOP but the main support for their family comes from financial gifts and donations.

Just like a missionaries. Because that is what they are.

Oh how I WISH I had a million dollars just to give away for missions and other good causes. Sigh.

Please read on.....again, and thanks for your understanding.

This is a very important message. You were informed in the previous e-mails about the program for Polish leaders.

In the e-mail I sent this morning, I stated somehow that we still need money for the Internship. The Internship expenses are covered. The $5000 dollars we need is for our personal needs as a family of the Major household.

We have not been able to raise enough support for the last 2 months. We have been involved so many hours in the ministry, that we have not been able to raise the money otherwise. If nothing will change, I will have to go back to a secular job within the next month or so.
I am sorry for the wording in the previous letter suggesting that the money is needed for the Poles.

Please forgive me, I want to be clear in this as much as I can.
If you still decide to support the Polish Internship or if you have sent donations already, we will keep the money for the future training for Poles at IHOP, which will take place next year.

If your heart is moved to support us personally we will be grateful.

May God bless you,
Keith Major

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