Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tom Cruise, etc.

This morning I didn't feel so when everything aches....when I am able to I tend to linger longer in the bed. Because some days not much works body wise so I might as well stay put and just relax (yeah, right) and gather my thoughts until things kick in gear better.....which cam be overwhelming if I have stuff to do. But what I try to do most during this "holding" situation is PRAY.

This time is a good time actually because I have my eye mask on and it's dark.....yes I wear a sleep mask on my eyes because I am a very BAD sleeper and it has to be "very noisy and DARK" in my room for me to sleep.

I have to have a fan, the ceiling fan AND an air purifier that just makes noise of some sort. Crazy I know. But IF I hear a totally wakes me up. I guess that's a hold over from when my kids were babies and I was always "listening" in the night for them. Believe me....I STILL do! HA! I know am listening to see "what" they are up to.

So I wear those eye things. They are kinda cool actually. Sleep Chic. I can't sleep without them now...I have like 100 of them on my bedpost beside me in case one gets lost I have 99 more.
Sometimes they fall off your head in the night and I wake up and can see my IPOD stand light on so that will buy me and I have to grab another eye mask before I head back off to sleep.
I'm addicted now I guess.

Anyway back to the point here......sometimes we have to "stay put" and pray. That is so much harder for me to do when I am up and about......because I want to eat, and I want to clean and I want to read my mail and I want to do stuff online and see what's going on in the news all over the world.

I need "ponder moments" in my life and I have to make time for them.
I like to meditate.....not the eastern kind....but I like solitude and I like to pray and to think. We all need to do this.

Take some time and set it aside this week to ponder the things of God.

Even if it's in your bed!!! Stay in bed longer. OR go to bed early!!! I went to bed early last night so I could lay in bed and do my Bible Study home work.....then read some. It's relaxing. Try it out.

Whatever you can do to make it happen, just......pray.

I had so many people to pray for on my prayer list today and someone very different too.

I've had two dreams recently with Tom Cruise in them. They weren't anything weird....don't worry ...that's how God operates with me. It wasn't even a "Prophetic Dream" it was just the "you need to pray for this person dream." I know the difference.

When I dream about someone I KNOW I am to pray for them. Now, I have NEVER prayed for Tom Cruise fact...I really am not a fan of his....I think he's a bit odd.....but IF I have a dream and he's in it and it happens twice..I'm no fool....I'm going to do what I know to do.
Tom got prayed for today, BIG time!!!

I'm glad I laid in bed a bit longer today regardless of the pain situation.....hopefully Tom Cruise will be too.

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FeatherIron said...

I pray for Britney Spears quite often. It's weird but I feel she is on the verge of death and God puts her on my heart.

Thanks again for your Bono post. Dean really dug it too.