Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Excuse me but it's a "Tad" early don't you think?

Just me but is it just a TAD bit "early" to start the Christmas music officially on the airwaves?

I mean I know I just loaded my own IPOD with Christmas music in "preparation" for the upcoming season and.........I have been known to sneak in a Christmas CD or two into my stereo in say.....September in years past. Just for fun and all.

But Miss Priss just told me the other day that they were playing "Christmas music" on 96.1
"The River" now.I think they started this on Monday.

In fact today......she was helping do some extra chores while I was in my bedroom laying down....(had a bad week around here health wise....) so she was filling in and doing some much needed mopping for me and she had the stereo BLASTING Christmas music from the stereo.

I asked her a bit later......"how do you feel about the Christmas music starting so soon?" To which she said......"it's fine."


So in preparation for our "HIGHLY anticipated" trip home to the Midwest next weekend.....Miss Priss climbed up into the attic to get down the presents I bought for the two little nieces this summer at the Disney Outlet in Austin TX.

Whew! I forgot HOW MUCH I had bought them.
Sucker that I am for great deals and sweet little girls. Oh well.

I only see them every few years so Auntie Joyce can spoil them I suppose on occasions like this.

Miss Priss will begin to wrap the girls gifts tonight under "my direction" so that we will be ready to stuff them into our already OVER PACKED vehicle.
Well it's not packed yet actually......but in my head.......IT IS and there is no room.

I hate that. IT happens all the time on trips like this. So little time, so much to do, so many people to see, SO FAR TO DRIVE.
That will be the worst part.
I wish it wasn't SO far. Blah!

I guess we will have to play some Christmas music tonight while Miss Priss wraps.

Hummm....maybe while we are "mood setting"...... we should start a little fire in the fireplace too?

Ugh....I guess not...I forget ......this is Louisiana.

I'm sitting here in shorts as it is.
I haven't even gotten to wear a sweater yet this year.
Well....I will next weekend THAT is for sure. Unless "Global Warming" hits Iowa big time. HA!

By the way....I won't be writing so much while I am away. I will attempt it but "family" will come first so we will have to wait and see.

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