Thursday, November 15, 2007

Time for Tea....."Tea, South Dakota" that is.

Just a moment ago, purely by "accident" I found out that there is a town in South Dakota called......"TEA."
What a great name for a town.

I found it interesting, especially since I was reading the "News in the ODD" page and some man from there just set a record for drinking about 5.5oz of Tabasco Hot Sauce. Are you kidding me?
The Guinness people have to still verify it but looks like he's "in."

I thought you might want to know that little known fact today.
Things like this keep the world going round you know.

They do have Tabasco Hot Sauce to drink in "Tea, South Dakota if your wanting some.

Wonder if they have any Hot Tea?

Well, they probably do. Tabasco Tea even maybe.

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