Saturday, January 5, 2008

Another great movie to view........

Here is another great movie you might want to view.

My husband went to go see this film a few months ago when it first came out...but they were having problems with it...some odd thing was going on with the movie and they had to shut it down and refund the ticket monies back to all of us who were attempting to view the movie.

We were highly disappointed not to be able to have seen the movie that night.

It's out on DVD now and it's easy to pick up. In fact I got the one we were watching at one of those "Red Box" movie rental machines at Albertson's.
It was only $1.00 to rent. That is SO CHEAP!

We watched it last night and we both LOVED it. It's a very powerful movie.

The acting is good, the costume design is fab.....the background scenery and settings are great.

The story line is "fact" based on the life of "Wilber Wilberforce" a leading politician in England who was also one of the key Abolitionist in the country.

This movie is about the life of Wilberforce and the huge, struggles he faced going against the "Slave Trade" that was happening during his lifetime.

I love history and I also like to know people's "life stories".....what makes them "who they are" and "WHY they do what they do, or did what they did."

"Amazing Grace" is a movie you need to see to understand the incomprehensible "fortitude" of one man against a horrible evil.
Wilberforce KNEW his "mission" in life.

Things like this encourage me to remember that "one person can make a difference in the world."

You may be the next William Wilberforce....or your child may be.
It's something to think about.

Get the movie and take the phone off the hook. You better possibly grab some Kleenex for the end.

In some ways.....I wish I HAD seen it on the big screen because the ending is soooo "emotional" when the "Bagpipers" come on. I don't want to ruin the ending for you but I have to say ......there ain't nothing in the WORLD like a company of Scottish Bagpipers playing "Amazing Grace!"

IT WILL RAISE the hair on your neck.

My Mother wants to have "Amazing Grace" played by a Scottish Bagpiper at her funeral service some day. She's already told us that.

A few years ago.......she became deathly ill. I bought a tape called something like....."Celtic Bagpipes" that had Amazing Grace on it and so I felt I had it "ready to go" just in case.

Thankfully.....we haven't had to use it.
When it is time one day....I hope to find a real "live and breathing" "Piper" in the area to carry out that wish of hers.
If I can't find one...I have it worked out already.

You's just good to be prepared.

Watch the movie and see the "story" behind the song......"Amazing Grace" which was composed by John Newton.

Astonishingly, John Newton was once himself a "slave trader" and he knew the horrors of what he had done and been a part of. It haunted him.

By the way...."John Newton" is played by Albert Finney, and he does a great job.....I loved him in "Big Fish"....that's another good movie too.


SweetAnnee said...

Oh it looks great..and a movie I am sure my
hubby would enjoy..Thanks for the info, I'm going
to go add it to my Netflix!!
fondly, deena

Shari said...

I got Amazing Grace for my parents for Christmas. But I wanted to see it so badly that I carefully unwrapped the present and cut through the plastic wrap and watched it. I don't think they will mind.

Your response to "How would you spend a million dollars on God's work?" has been added to the original post.

Antique Paperie said...

Joyce I will be buying this DVD - Do you know I have not even heard of it! (And me being the DVD Afficionado) I am anxious to watch it. I also want to thank you for leaving a comment on my blog!! I am so glad you did - you are a kindred soul. I am a (frustrated) writer...It's difficult trying to piece together my Irish roots in a Fictional type setting. Mixing the Real with the Legend.
Scottish Bagpipes I have heard - They are amazing. They will move mountains and part rivers - if played in that old ancient Scottish melancholy way.
It was so nice stopping in - I am adding you to my favorites and we'll have to chat soon :)
Hugs, Sherri

Steph said...

Thank you for the recommendation! It sounds great.

myrtle beached whale said...

I agree. It was a great and moving film.