Friday, January 4, 2008

Good life.....Good friends.....

Miss Priss snapped this photo of my friend Shawn and I after lunch at the Cafe we went to.

Yesterday my good friend Shawn, Miss Priss and I went to lunch and had a great visit.
Miss Priss and I decided it was cold enough (and it was for here) to wear our new hats and our winter scarves...good thing too because where we were first seated at the Cafe......was so cold....then we saw there was a "HOLE" in the woodwork in the from humidity and condensation...ummmmm......
"Welcome to Louisiana."

This eatery is no "dump" either. It's just how it works here with the weather here at times.

So we moved tables.....and the place was STILL cold.
Oh well.....better cold than hot. Or something like that.Miss Priss...cold but cheerful.

Shawn gave me and Miss Priss some lovely "Christmas gifts" and we had some things for her and her children as well.

I MUST say though....I was the one that was SOOOOO happy with my GIFT!!! I mean we all liked what we recieved...but I NEEDED what I was given big time.

Shawn gave me a tube of lipstick and it was a MIRACLE I am telling you!
I had just started to "fret" a bit the other day....because my ONE and only tube of lipstick is down to a thin "sliver"....ha!

I'm the kind of person that HAS GOT to have on lipstick...I mean I may not dress up...I may not have my hair done...I may not even have any other makeup on my face but I have to have on a tad bit of lipstick.
Don't ask me why but I am a bit of a freak about that.

Thing is..I never buy make up until I NEED it bad I hate spending money on make up so even though I need and use it. Just me.
So..I was very out of lipstick at this point.

I had even resorted to looking for something "close" to the color I normally use at the GROCERY STORE the other day when I was in there getting some items.....sill me. friend Shawn didn't know any of this.
I was overjoyed when I opened my package and seen a lovely tube of lipstick in my EXACT color!! She used to sell this make up so she knew what I wore! HA!
IS this awesome though or what?

This is the SECOND time this has happened to me since Christmas....

I had been wanting a new "cloth purse"....something lighter weight and something CUTE (of course) and (not designer)....yet elegant enough....Ha! And something with a longer handle so I could cross it over my body if I'm out shopping or whatever. was a tall order....because I had even somewhat looked around and nothing suited me.

We had received a package before Christmas from my Father and Step Mother and I put all the gifts under the tree without checking them over any at all.

One night.....before leaving to go to church.....I reached to turn off the Christmas tree lights and had to "move" one of the packages...and it was soft. Hummmm....and it was for "ME!" Hummm....well I was telling my friend Lori about this and she said...."Open it early."

So I followed her "good advice" (I know I'm "naughty" but it was only like 4 days from Christmas at this point)and IT WAS A NEW CUUUUUTE "Purse"...just what I would have WANTED....long strap.....cute, cute...and I could tell it was hand made.
I loved it....great colors and shape.
It was the "Total package!!!"

My Step Mom had "no clue" that I had wanted a purse like this. She even had someone make it SPECIAL for me!! She lives in Illinois and she had someone in Missouri make it for me after picking out the fabric and such herself.
VERY NEAT! She told me all this later on.

This just goes to show you that if we don't get in a rush and if we "Wait" on the Lord...HE will work it out for us if we let Him.
Even our tiniest, craziest, "desires!"


FeatherIron said...

You girls are all hot stuff!!

Joyce said...

Ugh....My face is SOOO swollen from that stupid Predisone.
I hate that!

Shari said...

Joyce, I've posted a question on my blog and I'm inviting people to come answer it. Are you interested?

What would you do if you had a million dollars - to give to God's work? Would you start a ministry? Would you give some to missionaries, your church, Christian organizations?

Valentine Hearts said...

Hi Joyce,

Even though cold, you all look snug and cosy!

The thing about 'VALENTINE' is that it is my surname...maybe I am getting people over to my blog as they think they are in for a treat...and then they get me, not arty or crafty in any way!! I'm dreamy and appreciate nice things and nice people, hopefully that makes up for it!

Joyce said...

I will sure will answer that question. I have some thoughts on that! HA!

Marmee said...

Dear Joyce,

Your blog is lovely. I love the quotes, links, and pictures. Just wanted to stop "in" and say "hi!" to reciprocate your visiting my blog.

I shall return!