Sunday, January 6, 2008

Weather: A "balmy" 79 degrees....but feels like 80....

I just checked the temperature.
When I woke up this morning I knew the temp had changed and it had to be humid. My body ALWAYS tells me...usually through "swelling" in various parts of it and or some other odd manifestations. Blah!
As I let "Danny O'Shea" out the door I was hit with a "balmy breeze" and the familiar smell of......"mold." Phew!
Oh yes...we are back to January weather here.

I'm just grateful for the five minutes of "cold weather" we did get near the holidays. Makes it more "festive" and all here in the South. wasn't all that bad at all and it did help clean up the air a bit.

Good thing Miss Priss and I wore our "new" hats. We may not get to wear them again for another....hummm....year? Who knows. You can never tell down here.

Here's the deal though on my hat....I found it at "Whole Foods" and I thought it was a GRAND ideal.

It's made out of recycled plastic bottle caps and plastic bottles. They spin those things into a "Fleece." IS that amazing? I mean, it looked just like "normal" fleece whatever normal is. HA!

I of course loved the ideal and the hat and it was a rainy, dreary day when I was at the store and that helped me motivate on buying it by thinking....
"I might REALLY get to wear it." And I did. For one day. I wore it all through a lunch visit and all through a visit to a coffee there you go.

I have it "saved" in the coat closet with our scarves and "Winter" case we get another "cold snap".....but I'm not entirely banking on that happening.

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Antique Paperie said...

That is really neat!! I wonder how they take those old recyclable items and then turn it into a HAT!! Wonderful darling - just my cup of tea. I am a hat lover - Old ones, French ones, New ones, and Winter ones.....
Today we had a balmy -8 degrees at 6 in the morning. Haha!! Oh how I wish I lived in Texas again....
Hugs friend! xoxo Sherri