Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wow LSU.....you did good!

I'm not one to gloat over things and won't.....because we have friends all over the nation and in Ohio. But we are SO GLAD this game is over and that LSU won the BCS Championship Bowl Game last night.....!!!

This is a super important "moral booster" for our state.

When you've been at the bottom of the "Food Chain" for so long and in so many areas..it's a bit refreshing and nice to be "on top" of something good for once.We took this photo back in November in Iowa.....on the same day that Arkansas played LSU and won..in triple "overtime."
We were having a special "after Thanksgiving Day Lunch" at some of our family's home in Nebraska and had to watch the game there. Ugh!

Can you imagine what we had to endure that day? HA! HA!Ouch!
It was painful I will tell you that.
Hummmm....Funny how those things all turn out.

This year is a NEW year for everyone.....now we move onward.
Football is FUN but it isn't crucial to our souls.


Antique Paperie said...

My husband watched this on TV and of course I thought of you!!! I even yelled a great big YES YES YES!!! When they won - Way to go LSU!! I am happy that they did!
xoxo Sherri

Valentine Hearts said...

Talking of watching books, Ps I love You is a film showing over here. The book is by Ceceila Ahern, a beautiful book that made me cry. Not sure if he film will live up to it.

Jackie x

Joyce said...

Hey Jackeie,
Someone I know just went to see that movie "P.S. I Love You" and said it was GREAT.....so I guess we need to see what that's all about!

Joyce said...

Thanks Sherri!
IT was FUN but I am glad it's over now. Ugh! Stresssssful.