Monday, January 7, 2008

Shocking Fever Outbreak......

There is a fever that has hit my city.
It's shocking actually.
I haven't seen anything like it here...not like this.
I have seen small outbreaks of it from time to time but nothing of this magnitude.

The store shelves are stripped, people are dazed and walking around not much unlike those with "Dingue fever."

The traffic has been horrendous too. I didn't expect or for see this happening but here it is and it's amazing what has happened to our city and the surrounding areas. But I am now understanding what is going on. And it is amazing.

Yesterday, Miss Priss and I made a "quick run" (right) to a store to pick up a few groceries and other items. We drove to a store that we normally don't go to because it's a tad further away than our neighborhood stores which I always try to support but I needed to look at a few things that they don't carry.
Important and crucial "life" things like...."glitter and ribbons and such."

Off we went down the little's not far actually from us....I just don't like going there for other reasons so I haven't been in months. However it's just over our Parish (they call "Counties" Parishes here) boarder and just outside of the city limits. Maybe 8-10 miles from our house.

I was shocked at the traffic. Which I wasn't expecting at 3:30 in the afternoon. But....whatever. Once we got to the was overwhelmed by people. Again....shocking.

Of course like I mentioned yesterday it was WARM here...we got up to about 83 degrees so everyone had on flip flops and shorts and Capri pants...they were on motorcycles like a normal summer or spring or WINTER day here in LA.

Then I noticed what was in their carts and how people were dressed. Massive amounts of "Purple, White and Gold" clothing was being worn by everyone. fact....I had on a brand new "Purple Shirt" myself I had gotten for Christmas.
Which while shopping I received MANY compliments on. HA! Funny.

But the shopping carts were FILLED with snacks of all sorts and MASSIVE amounts of MEAT! Wow.

Once we got into the store...we started to notice entire aisles that were STRIPPED of all the "Chips" and the "Salas were out" and the "SODA was gone" you could just forget buying a "store brand" 2 Lt. we had to buy canned sodas.

The store looked as if .....there was a "Hurricane coming".....I'm not joking. I've seen these things before so I know how it operates. Right before a "storm" everything gets "wiped out."

But I know we don't have any hurricanes in the Gulf right now so it had to be something else going on.

Later I had to run with my son Luke to Target for a dresser he wanted that they had on sale for his room.....and there too, the SAME exact thing was happening. People the traffic situation was WORSE...this was nearly 7:30 on a Sunday night. Amazing.

On our way home.....we had to make another grocery store stop to drop off some movies in the "RED BOX" that we had rented. That store was over run too. I went inside and bought a special "Cake."

I mean if there is a "fever outbreak"......we had better have cake to eat....that's what I am saying. Hot Tea and Cake always help fevers.....don't they?

Well..Hot Tea maybe. Ooops.....we aren't even having "Hot Tea".....ummm.....we are going to be drinking the classic drink of the South tonight....."SWEET TEA!"Ummmm.....!

Not sure on the cake bit regarding fevers...but it sounded right for the moment.
It was that "Feed a Fever, starve a Cold thing"....Plus this one was a prettily decorated "Purple and Gold" with some lettering on it. Interesting.

I have now learned the name of this's the
"Tiger Fever!" Which is possibly similar to "Cat Scratch Fever" in many ways.
This "Tiger Fever" though.....has hit this state in a big way and our town has got it some BAD!!!

Which is okay. We need some "positive" things to happen after so many years of some bad things happening. Our state has been in a SLOW process of "recovery" for a few years now...even before the two hurricanes.

People need good things to keep them going from time to time.
It helps them to refocus at times and I realize the great importance to everyone in this fever matter.....

It's not every year that your town's State University goes to the "National Championship" Bowl Game.

I don't want to say alot about this because I am not wanting to sound or even to be "prideful" about this game....but I am happy for our University and our Football team which has many good and fine young men on it. They have worked hard this year to get to where they are at.

There is a sense of "unity" that is taking place in the city and the state.....everyone is on the "same page" for a cause that isn't evil or's just for fun.
And everyone is anxious and excited and feverish.

My family has the FEVER too.....and has all season.
I know it seems silly. I think it's totally silly as well but it's like you can't stop overtakes you.
Like a rash. This crazy fever....It IS "Contagious!" Really it is.

This year our Christmas photo was of my the SNOW.....while we were in the Midwest for Thanksgiving.....wearing all LSU garb. It's cute actually and everyone has loved it. Well pretty much. Not all our family. HA!

That's because their teams didn't do so well this year.
Oh well. There's always next year...besides you all are getting one of our coaches from here to take over your entire TEAM so calm down okay??? :~)'s just a game.
Besides...your people had their chances in the past and one year you all WON their National Championship.

This LSU team never has...well they won a few years ago under another coach but not this team under this coach.... and I LOVE it when the underdog gets an oppertunity to matter what team they are. Hence....MISSOURI and KANSAS!!!
There have been some GREAT bowl games this year!

I know that other cities have had it before.....and I know it will reside.....after tonight. Ugh! IF we can just make it through the evening without suffering heart attacks and fever relapses.

I must get started on that "Velveeta Dip" my husband loves and thaw out about 500 "Chicken Wings" and begin to "prep" other such "delicacies" that one eats when they have the "Tiger Fever."

There are a few errands I need to run today but....I may wait until tomorrow because of the rampant fever outbreak out there....

Plus I need to check my temperature and see how I'm doing as well. My husband just called a bit ago to check on me...and the "Chicken wings"..making sure all was "well" with them. I mean me.

I'm feeling a bit "clamy".....I may need to go lay back down for awhile.
I think it's going to be a LONG and stressful night. Ugh.

For now...I'm going to join in with "Scarlett O'Hara" in thinking....
"I won't think of it now. I can't STAND IT NOW. I'll think of it later. "GEAUX TIGERS!!!


Heidi said...

We have terrible traffic and almost constant traffic jams but it has nothing to do with sport of any kind other than man in his beast (the car). I hate being out in traffic and also hate any crowds in shops. I am a like a house sparrow, I like staying in my own backyard anymore. I will go farther to shop just to have more peace as we live in a busy area and the villages around us are most often quieter.

~~ Heidi ~~

Joyce said...
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Joyce said...

Joyce said...
Sorry I goofed up my last comment so had to re-do it.
I can so RELATE to what your saying Heidi.
And the bad thing here is in America where we are at.....we can NOT even walk to do our shopping and such like I am sure you can there. I know when I went to Europe beforew we WALKED everywhere. Which was nice for a change. Althought it got RATHER steep in Ireland at times. HA!

I go out of B.R. whenever I can to shop OR else stay right here in my little "shopping zone" as me and my friends call's a radious of shops and restaurants and a little our area that is close by and many of us all try to support these local shops, ect. in anyway in order to keep them going.
The traffic is STILL horrible in here due to 2 new recent home buiding projects in the area and some MASSIVE apartment buildings they've done right on the main roads that were already over congested. The only thing that helps us is that it's not as long of a drive or wait on these roads usually because we are only talking a matter of a few blocks.
I'm heading off to a "quieter" town myself with my husband and Miss Priss this weekend and I can't wait! IT's soooo fun there. Will explain more in my blog in a day or so.
Be blessed......Joyce

January 8, 2008 4:14 AM

Linda said...

Hi Joyce Thanks for stopping by my blog. I loved your post as I was cheering for the Tigers as well. My niece and nephew in law are huge fans and live in Hammond. I have enjoyed my visit here and will be back.

IsabellaCloset said...

Joyce, Ok... this is not the out come I had wished for with this game, since I'm from Ohio and an Ohio State Buckeye fan. We have been to be in many bowl games in the past..So glad you have enjoyed yours. Congratulations your team did a great job! What a fun post this is..
Hugs ~Mary~