Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"Watched any GOOD books lately?"

While reading the "Country Roads" a locally published magazine in our area I saw not one but TWO ads (one was even a FULL page ad) for the upcoming and newly filmed....."The Complete Jane Austen Series" that is about to be broadcast on PBS this Sunday night at 8:00pm on "Masterpiece Theatre."

I LOVE Masterpiece Theatre and watch it every week so I am very excited about this new series. Plus I like Jane Austen's works.

Also.....in case you haven't noticed it....ANYTHING relating to "Jane Austen" is very HOT right now.

Another exciting thing is that Masterpiece Theater is now going to have a new "hostess" and it is....."Gillian Anderson" who gained her fame from appearing in "The X-Files." Which I never watched.
However to me....she will be known as "Lady Deadlock" the part in which she played in Charles Dickens "Bleak House" last year on PBS.
That series was FABULOUS and Ms. Anderson did a fantastic job as the very sad,
"Lady Deadlock" who had been hiding a terrible secret throughout her life.

I personally am very happy that Gillian is now the new "hostess" of Masterpiece Theater and I think she will be most fitting for this post.

Mark your calenders!!! You won't want to miss this.
By the way......there is a "test" you can take at the bottom left hand side of this blog that will tell you "Which Jane Austen Heroine" you are. Please feel free to not only take it but copy it to your own site as well if you wish.

I took it twice and it keeps telling me that I am "Anne Elliot" so since I haven't any ideal about this "Anne," having never read the book she is featured in called "Persuasion".....I am excited to see that "Persuasion" is the first show to be broadcast in this new series.

Then I will see what "Anne Elliot" is all about and IF indeed I am anything like her. Hummmm......


Peg said...

Hi Joyce, only found your blog tonight and really enjoyed reading it. May I ask what PBS is please, is it a tv programme in the States? I'm in the UK and am thoroughly enjoying BBC's showing of Sense & Sensibility.

Joyce said...

Hey Peg,
PBS is "Public Broadcasting." It's a bit more "artsy" and has Historical and Learning type shows on it. Every State and usually station (depends on your local station) that has a "PBS" is usually "viewed supported" which means they have to raise their own support to stay on TV...so it's not like a major network like the others we have....such as "NBC" or "ABC" ect. etc. Much like your BBC.
Plus on PBS...we get LOTS of British/Irish shows!!! Fun!
Like...."Keeping up Appearances" "Father Ted" Are You Being Served" "The Vicar of Wimbley"...etc. They are usually old though by the time our PBS station buys them.
I can send you a link so you can check it out. Not sure if this is showing in the U.K. but I don't know why not because it's a British made series I believe.

Antique Paperie said...

Hello Joyce my friend!
Well, Jane Austen's works are possibly my favorite. I adore Pride & Prejudice (the older version), Emma, Sense & Sensibility - all my very favorites! When I was young, my mother bought the most beautiful Hardcover full color Illustrated books of her works - gilded edging and all - and I would give anything to own that special set again. I have yet to find it anywhere. I enjoyed this post very much!
We'll chat soon my Secret Gardener - xo Sherri

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Thanks for the heads up. I am very fond of Jane Austen and sounds like a nice thing to do on a Sunday evening!

jw said...

Hi Joyce,
I am looking forward to this Jane Austen series as well. One good book that I watched lately was Jane Eyre . . . also on PBS. I am sure you saw it. It was SOOO good! Keep on blogging! Julie

KJ said...

My daughter and I love the historical and classic movies—especially the romance! We have quite a collection!