Thursday, January 10, 2008

How's your "Global Footprint?"

This is our recycle bin just one day shy of being picked up for collection.

Is it just us or does your recycle bin overflow with empty cartons and containers like ours does?

I went out this morning to dump more items collected from the night before to put into our recycle bin and it's FULL and we still have one day left to go. Ugh!

Personally we do what we can to help out and it's no small matter to recycle. You can't just pitch it in there.
They have "rules" in our city for recycling such as, "no pizza boxes" and "you must rinse all bottles and cans out" and "all labels must be taken off of all bottles and cans" and other odd things like that.
YIKES! A bit picky aren't they?

So we do those things and we try to collect all the recycleable items we can and put them in this very large bin that our city provides for each home..instead of putting them in the trash.

Now I'm not obsessive about this but we do our best.

As you can tell by the photo, we are doing a pretty good job about this. .

Although my kids drive me batty because they don't seem to care about it as much as my husband and I do and I always find them throwing stuff that can be recycled in the trash. Then I have to dig it out and dispose of it in the recycle bin. It makes me crazy that they don't seem to have any concerns about it either.

My Cousin in Missouri mentioned on her blog the other day how she had just purchased some "Cloth grocery bags" so that she could do her part in "erasing her enviromental footprint." HA!

I cracked up reading about that because.......I TOO have those "Green" cloth bags myself store and some other special "heavy duty reusable plastic store bags" from England to use in the grocery stores to help conserve...all tucked safely away in...

And sadly......I usually FORGET to even take them in the store with me.
Ugh....I have got to get better at that this year.
Yes, that's my truck in the background.

Ummm....I've tried "erasing my global footprint" and I find that I leave huge tire treads instead.

We drive trucks here though.
I mean.....we have four of them in our family now.
It's crazy I know but it's Louisiana. And I live in the "big city," we aren't in a rual area.

Well, I say if I can't drive a Jaguar I might as well drive a truck. HA!

Honestly husband and I DO
"Worship the Creator more than the Creation"......
BUT we are trying to help do our part to "conserve" as well.

The truck may go this is a bit too "beefy" for me my husband says. Although it's very comfortable and easy for me to drive considering some of the health things I deal with.

I'm sort of interested in a "Hybred SUV."
What do you all think??


HerstoryGirl said...

I LOVE this post!! That looks like OUR recycling bin this morning!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday! I feel like I didn't see hardly any of my friends over the "break." (break? what break??)

Oh, and I'm with you 100% on the hybrid SUV... I'm looking at that new hybrid GMC Yukon -- have you seen that thing? VERY NICE
Summer =)

KJ said...

Ooo, you live in Louisiana! What a rich heritage! And, the food must be awesome! I would love to go there!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. And, I love the Diller quote! She really puts things in perspective, doesn't she? Thanks also for your Birthday wishes! I receive them wholeheartedly!

Being that I had never placed a photo of any of my family on the blog before, my little boy has been eating up all of the comments! He feels like a celebrity!

I love your little haven here! It's very cozy! I will need to look around.

Hugs, KJ

KJ said...

P.S. We recycle and we are always finding more ways to do it. I wish the guy who was in the vehicle in front of me and stationary at a red light, would feel the same. I could tell he was eating and exhibiting agitated motions. When the signal changed he took all of the trash—which was an armload—and casually dumped it out of his window. I had to drive over it. I was so incensed that he cared so little!


SweetAnnee said...

I worry about it too.. We do what we can and every little bit helps.
We try to conserve energy also, replacing all
our light bulbs with the high effeciency ones
and we are working on getting Geo-Thermal for
our heating and cooling.

I'd love a smart car..but they are so tiny.
We do need to try to do what we can to
respect the beauty God gave us.

fondly, deena

SweetAnnee said...

Good luck today at the docs!!

fondly, deena

Shari said...

We recycle about 1/2 of our garbage. There is a nice incentive in our town. We have to pay to dump each bag of garbage. Dumping recycling is free. I don't know anything about hybrid SUVs. My "new" vehicles are 10 years old usually. Thanks for sending me the link to The Dash. It went along perfectly with my post. I went to a funeral recently and it was sad - just talk about childhood memories, activities, and a lot of made up lies to try to make the person look better.

Steph said...

I'm a bit of an environmentalist (OK, more than a bit), so I love, Love, LOVE this post! Kudos to you!

I taught myself to remember the bags like this: the first time I went into the store without the bag, I didn't buy the stuff - I went back to the car and then back in and finished the shopping. After all that hassle for a time or two, I seldom forget. LOL!

Also, our household has reduced our boxes and cans down to almost nothing by buying bulk grains, beans, pasta, etc. (Disclaimer: We don't have kids.)

Thank you for helping to save the planet!

Valentine Hearts said...

We try to recycle as much as we can. Our dustbin men pick up from our green boxes every fortnight. We can only put newspapers, tins and jars in these though.

We keep bags in the utility room for plastic bottles and cardboard, my husband and three year old do a weekly trip to recycle these. I also have a little compost bin at the end of the garden for all my uncooked kitchen waste.

The only thing I find annoying here is that we can't recycle plastic packaging like yogurt pots and food wrapping, how stupid is that!!

I also get my shopping delivered from the supermarkets without the plastic bags.

We try to do our bit!

FeatherIron said...

I love the Hybrids! We try to recycle but we have lost our bin, I need to get a new one from the trash guys.