Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Few Off My Favorite Things....

My sweet husband brought me this beautiful rose a few days ago and had it placed in this vase and sitting on my dresser for when I got home.

He is VERY mindful of the fact that I do not like "red roses"...I think they are pretty. But they don't dry well and that bugs me so he always buys me some other color and he was very PROUD of this one. The color and how pretty it was once it opened up a bit.
I love roses...but only ones that aren't red. I like red ones too..but they must be on a bush or possibly someone else's roses and not mine. Then I like them. HA!

Miss Priss got a bouquet of roses for Valentine's Day and they were so GORGEOUS! However....they look very dead and yucky now.

So he's one of my favorite things.....probably second to the top of my list of the "top" things in my life. He is my best friend too.

I love poached eggs
.....in fact. Me and Miss Priss who just happens to be home today....just ate some. Ummm....with English muffins. This is one of my most favorite breakfast's.

I really, really, love "paper napkins"....but they have to be very decorative and catch my eye. I have TONS of them in all types of styles and shapes and for every holiday. I use them everyday in my house. I have a special napkin holder for them. My teacup is sitting on one right this very moment.

IF you ever get a package from me....or a gift....chances are.....it will have some cute "paper napkins" in it.
After Christmas I received a package from a friend in No. Ireland..inside of it....was a package of special "paper napkins." This lady has NO CLUE how much I like them.....so this was "EXTRA" special to me. Fun!I buy a lot of these napkins at a local store....okay well I will give you my source.
It's the "Tuesday Morning" store...they have GREAT paper napkins for all occasions at very reasonable prices.

Traveling.....I LOVE to travel. Don't get me started. I always am planning a trip.
I don't always get to go on that trip....but in my head and my heart. I am always planning a trip. HA! We don't get to travel NEAR as much as I want us to right now....but we will...one day. Hopefully SOONER than LATER.

I'm plotting a trip right now for say...the Spring break from school. But we will see. I'm not sure it will work.I'm thinking.....BEACH! Although it's still a tad bit cold.

There you have it.....a few of my "Fave Things" for today.
Don't worry. I have plenty more for another day.


Susie Harris said...

What a sweet man you have! I would love to go somewhere for a little R/R. The beach does sound nice.... Drop by and visit sherri's blog. She's talkin' about me. Can you believe it!Blogging is sooo much fun. Have a great one xoxo, Susie

Julie said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. You have led me to a really nice blog of your own. I have put you on my sidebar.


Steph said...

I agree - you are a lucky woman!

Steph said...

PS - thank you for the encouragement about the gluten-free and lactose-free menu on my blog!

KJ said...


Thanks for your post on my blog! We don't have a definite date yet, but Briana is talking about November 8th. We both love the number 8 because of it being the "number of new beginnings' in the Bible. I got married on December 8th.

Did you receive an email from me with a photo in it? And, I also sent an email about the Marshall Islands. I am anxious to hear your thoughts.

Oh Happy Day!

KJ said...

I am sure glad that your hubby is one of your favorite things! He kind of reminds me of my hubby: similar build and the same kind of looks—although Bear is only gray around the temples and sideburns. Your hubby has good taste in flowers, too!

Tootles, KJ

KJ said...

Okay, take 3... I love decorative napkins, too! I was even going suggest Tuesday Morning until I saw your reference to it! There are some great deals to be had there—napkins being one of them!