Friday, April 25, 2008

Fast and the Furious ....

"Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings."
Jane Austen

That is exactly where I seem to be at today.

Don't you feel this way too sometimes? I can't get it "all" done right now, whatever it "all" is at this point in time.

I had a conversation yesterday with one of our best friends on the phone.....this man and his wife take "teams" into Mexico to do "short term" missions work and Miss Priss wants to go on one of those trips this summer.

Our friend was talking about how "busy" everyone seems to be right now. In fact he and his wife sounded overwhelmed by their schedules and just other "life things." It seems as if everyone I know has some MAJOR "Irons in the fire" right now.

And I just can't stand it. How did we all get so busy? This frustrates me to no end at times really. Even though I am a person that doesn't like to be bored. I do like some quiet days occasionally and time with my family...that isn't spent a Chiropractors office several times a week now.

The "Tyranny of the urgent" loves to overtake us.
Often times I am left wondering when this happens..which especially for me is right now....."is this all worth it in the end?"
I don't think it will be actually..not some of this. Part of it yes. We have to choose what is important and those things that will last really.

People are what matter most in my book
and I always ask myself.....
"how can I neglect them or put them off to the side just so I can get this or that thing done and off my list of things to do?"

I just can't do it. I can't kick people to the curb. So I suppose the house, and the paperwork and whatever else.......might just have to wait a bit.

Tomorrow night is Prom #2 for us..."Italian Boy's" school this time. Since Miss Priss's Prom was such an "eventful night"...they decided to go ahead and go to his. Hummm....scary....we just did this two weeks ago. In seems like forever now.

Even though many of the physical "manifestations" of that night are still very evident and both our families are dealing with those things and our children.

Graduation is on it's way..for number three son....thankfully. The invitations are here. We are "counting down" the days now.

We have to understand "Times and Seasons"...sometimes we run....sometimes we walk. Sometimes we get to rest. This seems to be one of those "running" times for our family. But it's okay..those seasons don't last forever.

When it's over I'm going to have a "quiet cup of tea" like this lady is having.....hopefully on a nice, calm, beach somewhere.

Well, it might have to be "iced tea."
IF that is the case..that is still fine with me.


Anonymous said...

That is exactly why I miss Eastern Europe. People and relationships still matter MORE than work and schedules, although the western way of life is creeping in...

Joyce said...

I LOVED that link you sent me....very cute!

Utah Grammie said...

Hello Joyce,
I came here by way of Celtic Woman & I'm so glad I did! your blog is beautiful even if I have only breezed through it for the moment.
You seem to read many of the books I enjoyed and watch my kind of movies. I'll have to find the Lavender
ladies. Have you seen Tea With Mussolini? I recommend this as well.
Have a great Saturday and I will visit again soon.

Denise said...

Oh your words ring so true... We are so busy and and I try and try to find a place to stop... I am having to force myself to just quit worrying about the little things and as you said so well,, it is the people... got to give them the time... Time to slow down... Thanks for the reminder..

Karla said...

I can so totally relate. I have tried to guard our schedules, but in spite of my efforts I think we are just about up to "running speed" here, too. I find myself constantly reanalyzing our priorities... and reminding myself that it is just for "this season."

Charlotte said...

Busy busy busy. Boy isn't that the truth. Seems like I'm always busy but don't get a lot accomplished. Maybe it's because I spend too much time on the computer?
I'm happy to be retired. When did I ever find time to have a job?

Steph said...

I love that phrase - tyrrany of the urgent! Thanks for the Jane Austen quote, too.

Counting Your Blessings said...

We had a little series at church recently on the Tyranny of the Urgent. Really hit home with me. Yet, here I am at 7:33 still at the computer =) I'm off... Blessings... Polly

KJ said...

I'm with you on this, Joyce. I was just speaking to someone about the Tyranny of the Urgent. We almost need to schedule breathing, don't we? Prioritizing needs to be a daily routine, with a willingness to cross things off our lists.

I'll take some peach tea and a scone, pretty please...


Julie said...

"The Tyranny of the Urgent" - what a wonderful phrase, and so true. I am one person who is not as wound up in all of this as some people. At my new job there are actually women (it's all women) with blackberries and palm pilots. My head almost started spinning. This is so not my world.