Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Trifling Tuesday?"

Webster's Dictionary defines this word as:
"Lacking in significance or solid worth:
as a: frivolous
b: trivial

Lately, I've heard my kids use this word alot in their conversations. I figured it was some new term that was going around....and it is...and yet it's not.

I checked it out further because honestly...I can't recall anyone I know using it. Although I'm sure I've come across it in literature or elsewhere.... because I pretty much knew what it meant.

This word goes way back to about the year..."1535" actually.
Funny how some things "come and go."

What is intriguing to me is the meaning of this word and I have been pondering it....because really....in this day and age I've been wondering to myself.....

"How many people talk about or care about "significance or worth?" Or if something is frivolous or trivial.

I mean we waste food, and we waste water, and gas, and money, and we waste time as if it will always be there.
And just know that I include MYSELF in all that I am saying.
I don't want to be this way...but I am and I know it. I work on these things and always have...but it still happens at times and that bothers me. Because many times....we just excuse it.

We live in a society of self indulgence and materialism and I suppose it's always been this way in many cases....but not in all.

I've lived other places and I've traveled around a good bit.....and for whatever the reason. I feel an immersion of it in my area of the world.

Obviously....it's not this way everywhere.....for example possibly say ....
in the Sudan.

But then we don't really see all that heartache on a first hand basis now do we?
So it doesn't seem real to us. Believe me though, it's happening.

Sometimes it's a good thing to bring the "old words" or even the old "ways" back into our lives....it causes us to "consider"and it hopefully will help us to change.

Not just ourselves but especially ourselves. If you know what I mean.

Many times....we don't open our hearts or lives to things..or issues or people, until we are smacked right between the eyes with them. Because most of what we are caught up with on a day to day basis is.........."Trifling."

Hummm.......I think I like that word.


SweetAnnee said...

Oh Joyce you are so "right ON"
.. I remember 9/11 so vividly.. I am so soft hearted
I could NEVER watch the crash & fall of the towers completely..and never have since then. My hubby said "that's how it feels in some places of the world EVERY DAY"
hat is when it hit me .all the news, all the talk, but until it hits us we could NEVER understand.. God bless you and your kids..for remembering trifling..

lovingly, Deena

Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce, I like your analysis of the word trifling.

I wonder if you would mind telling me who your speaker from Sydney was. I grew up in the church in Sydney and knew many clergymen and boys who went later into ministry.


Joyce said...

Sure Kate,
His name was "Joel A'bell" and I just looked up his website for you as well....it's:
"http://joelabell.com/" if you want to check it out. Maybe you will recognize him. Let me know if you do......like I always say..SMALLL world....BIG GOD!

Sonja said...

thank you Joyce for leaving a comment on my blog...really encouraged me today. It's bee a tough couple of days.
Speaking of tough, you've had some extremely tough trials lately!!! However the Lord always gives us strength in the midst of the storms! That is evident in you and your family!
I will put you in my favorites this time.

Peace be with you sister!

Sonja H.

Julie said...

Hmmmm - yes, I know the word. Just think of trifling things as "small stuff" and you will be able to equate it to this world of ours. "Don't sweat the trifling!"