Monday, April 14, 2008


Big sigh....okay we are all tired around here today and I have insomnia or else....
I wouldn't even be doing this and I would be in a nice warm bed.

But I will do a quick "update".....I especially want to say a BIG "Thank you" to everyone who has called or written me either on here or by
e-mail. We appreciate your concern and prayers. It means so much to us!

Today I took Ariel to the E.R. because she "thought" she could get through last night and be fine today which wasn't the case. Which my husband and I knew would happen.

Long story short....she of course has "Severe neck strain and back strain and brusing." She is in a lot of pain and has been in bed ever since we got home from the Emergency Room...only semi-sitting up for me to give her drinks of water.
That's it.

Oh and they put a "neck brace" thing on her and she and I cracked up laughing at how funny it looked and how they told her she had to "move her entire body" when she wanted to look around or whatever.

"The Italian boy"....who was her date....has the exact same thing..and has a hurt knee as well. His Mother took him in as well earlier.
Poor thing..then her oldest daughter went into labor today and now they are ALL at the hospital rest for the weary but at LEAST this is for happy reasons! She will get a Grand baby out of this trip at least! HA!

But his family and ours are VERY thankful that they are only dealing with these issues and that we aren't vising our kids in the hospital ICU or worse even.
If you know what I am saying.

The lady at the E.R. told Ariel and I that she was "very fortunate" because many people are killed when they are hit on the Interstate at such a high impact as they were hit.

AS far as the young man who was the cause of the accident.......

He was formally charged last night.....with "SECOND offense DWI" AND he already has
"8 OUTSTANDING Bench Warrants" for his arrest that were the officer that I spoke to at "Parish Prison" what we call Jail here....told me he is considered a "fugitive from justice" and he HAS to appear before a Judge who will set his "Bail"......and that the boy will have to pay for all his warrants and bail before he can get out.

I am wondering how his little girlfriend is today and if she is hurting and if she got some help. I don't feel I can call her Mother.
My kids don't know her...but she goes to their school. Hopefully....she's going to be okay and hopefully....she will "wake up" before she is hurt anymore.

As far as the boy goes...I don't know his story and we have only heard not so great things..but he is someones child and for me as a Mother...that makes me sad.
I hope he can get some help.

What does upset me is the fact that NOW he has TWO DWI's and he didn't "get it" after the first one and with 8 "outstanding bench warrants" for his arrest......there seems to be a problem and a pattern.
And he hit my kids. Urrrrr!

This is the SAME thing that is going on with the other young man from New Orleans that was DWI that hit my husband and son Luke two years ago. This kid had 14 Felony counts against him last we heard, and hadn't appeared in court for any of the THREE court dates my husband went to. WE STILL are not finished with that ordeal. And that boy STILL has not been sentenced in that accident either.
But at least he told my husband at the scene that "he was sorry."

This boy last night was mean, and hateful, and nasty. He was so combative and he shouted out something VERY evil to me before he was put in the police car which I didn't even understand at first....then I got it.
That right there showed me how demonic this situation was.

I'll tell you about it later.

What a mess thought to have to go into another process with a drunk driver.

Miss Priss and "The Italian boy" are going to be okay eventually.....achy and out of school for a few days but they have parents and families that love them and are standing with them in their trial.

I'm not sure about these other two kids....there seems to be a world of hurt going on in their lives for whatever the reasons.

But that still gives them no right to be so selfish and hurt others in their process of their own "self destruction"....

But that seems to be the way it works many times doesn't it?



IsabellaCloset said...

Joyce, Thanks for the update. You were on my mind all day yesterday.
Sorry "Miss Priss" & "The Italian Boy" are in pain but thank God they eventually will be Ok.
How awful that the boy that caused the accident is on his 2nd DWI.
Hang in there sweetie!
Hope you can get a good nights sleep tonight.
Hugs & much love ~Mary~

Vintage Tea said...

Thank you for visting my blog and sorry to hear of your prom disaster. I'm glad your daughter is safe.

My thoughts are with you all,


Susie Harris said...

Just wanted you to know that Im checking in on yall. Im glad that she will be ok ! Oh Im so mad for you. I could feel my ears turning red as I read your post. I know how I would be feeling if I were you. NOt Nice, I can tell you that much. Lets just thank the good Lord that they will be ok and that maybe this other fellow will get some much needed help. Give her a hug for me, Susie

Sara said...

Oh my goodness I'm so relieved everyone is doing as well as they are. How scary. I'm praying for you guys! I'm so glad God was with the kids in that car with them!

Mary Isabella said...

I am so very sorry that they are feeling bad and are sore. I am so thankful it was not worse. I have prayed for all involved. You are such a caring person and it shows through with your statement he is some Mother's son. You have a good heart and the Lord will use this to sustain you through this time.