Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tea and a Movie

When I arrived at my friend Diane's house on Friday......she had "Tea" waiting for me.

I was thrilled when I saw how she had prepped the little table that we were going to eat at while we watched the movie she had wanted me to see so badly. I had never hear of the movie but it was very good and I absolutely enjoyed it.

It was called......"Ladies in Lavender" staring "Maggie Smith and Judi Dench."
I had never even heard of it before.
It was a VERY interesting story line and great had one cuss word in it so I want to warn you because of was the
"F-BOMB." Why they had to have that one word in it don't ask me....ugh!

This was such a special treat of a day. Even though I was SO tired that morning and would have liked to stayed home. I enjoyed myself so much.We had home made "Chicken Salad" over lettuce.....and a very good "Lemon Honey Tea" by the Republic of Tea, then for dessert....."Mini Cheesecakes" that Diane had made.

We even had a "Special guest".....look's a little Brown Bone China Duck. I had bought Diane a box of "Red Rose Tea" one day and this was the "surprise" inside of the Tea. I looked high and low for this tea because I had heard of the "Bone china figurines" they had inside of it. And low and behold.....I found us both some boxes of it at a "Winn Dixie" near my home.

The day went great and we had a great time....

I have to tell you though....on my way home.....I was sitting in my truck stuck in traffic on a highly congested road not maybe 8 minutes from our house and was "rear-ended" by a car.
I couldn't believe it.

Long story short....ugh......I had damage to the bumper and the jar of the impact threw my lower back out and when I got home I immediately laid down on the couch and iced my back and went to sleep for a while.

All in is still GRAND and I am not going to complain because we have always been "over comers." And this will pass..
Even though it does get a bit wearisome at times!

The next few days are very busy for younger son has to do some special "Dyslexia" testing for college....and I have to meet with my R.A. Specialist and the Research Group that wants to possibly have me participate in a new "Drug Study." I am praying for wisdom on that thing.

Miss Priss has to go to Alabama on a school Field Trip this week too....and she is still in a lot of pain and achey....I am a tad concerned about this so hopefully she will be okay. She just took a huge ice pack to bed with her. Ugh. Italian Boy's knee is still hurting him greatly so he has a Dr.'s appointment to see about that tomorrow.

Hopefully all will be well around here soooooon. We need a break! HA!

I will be back as soon as I am able to. I wish you all well.


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Sara said...

Well good gracious! Have you thought about mass transit? :) I hope you get to feeling better. I really believe you guys have guardian angels looking out for you!

Denise said...

You are blessed to have such a freind that can take you away... sounds like a great day up until that minor wreck...... Mercy. I am glad that the Father is keeping an eye on you these days......... I am glad that it was nothing too serious...........

Steph said...

How, fun! What a great idea to combine tea and a movie!

Happy Earth Day!

SweetAnnee said...
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SweetAnnee said...

Well..God & the Angels are watching over you and YOU ALL need it..
I'll be praying for your entire family..

and I put "Ladies In Lavendar"
at the top of my queque..
Have you seen Judi Dench in "Mrs Brown"???
love it too..
soft hugs to you my friend..

diXymiss said...

ThanX for stopping by my blog and taking a moment to comment. It's a pleasure to "meet" you. It seems you've had some harrowing eXperiences of late. What a blessing to have a friend with whom to share a lovely tea and relaXing reprieve.

Julie said...

OMG, rear-ended, after all the other stuff that happened to you.

But, if you can for a moment, get back to the nice things. I have never, ever, had a friend do a "tea" for me. My husband's niece and BFF did, however, take me to a tea at a lovely tea place in Meridian (suburb of Boise), Idaho. It was wonderful.

And, I love "Ladies in Lavender". I rented it from Netflix. I love those obscure (to us) British movies.