Thursday, July 31, 2008


Has your summer been fun?

Mine has been very busy this year.....compared to say last year even.

We have been swimming a lot this year which is nice. Especially since it's soooo hot down here and humid.

The girls and I were swimming the other day and we snapped a few photos while we were basking in the sun. Basting really. HA! Like chickens in an oven with butter on them.

Miss Priss giving us the "Thumbs Up!!!"
"KJ and Miss Priss" having fun.....


"MY view of the pool"........ha!!!

Later that evening, "Italian Boy" took "Miss Priss" out for a special date to celebrate their "anniversary"....HA!!!

The "dog days" of summer are passing fast here.

Seems as if I haven't gotten to have many "lazy summer days" at all.......but that's okay.
Life is short and we have to grab as much as we can from it.....especially with our kids and our loved ones.

Tell me how your enjoying your summer where ever your at!!!


Susie Harris said...

Im sure your glad that things are settled. I know I love having company but in my house with so many it does get a bit much after days... Too much of a good thing I guess. I would love to see New York but Im not one for crowds.. Guess I just need to get over it. I saw this neat thing on you tube. Not sure what its called but you might be able to pull it up by cardboard testimony... go check it out...have tissue ready, trust me! Susie h~

Ms.Daisy said...

Joyce, great pictures of you and the girls in the pool! I loved the one of you in the pool! Ha Ha!

It looks very hot and humid - just like here on the East Coast - sweltering in the humid summers!


Julie said...

Mmm, give me some o' that beautiful cool turquoise water.