Saturday, August 2, 2008

St. Francisville....and rain...lots of it.

Beautiful Lousiana Oak trees in the "Feliciana's".....

Friday I took the "Girl Cousins" to
St. Francisville....probably my MOST favorite town in all of Louisiana.

St. Francisville is a small wonderful old town that is very quaint on the Mississippi River....about 45 minutes north of Baton Rouge.
"Girl Cousins"

It was the scene of a "Civil War Battle" is full of rich history...old, beautiful Plantations and Antebellum homes....the most wonderful HUGE Oak Trees with Spanish Moss hanging off of them and... cool antique shops. Fun!
"Church and Cemetery at Grace Episcopal Church...St. Francisville La."
Miss Priss and I LOVE to go up to St. Francisville and hadn't been since January.
So we decided we needed to take "KJ" before she left here for home.
We knew "K" would HATE it so we didn't take him. HA!
"KJ and Miss Priss"

We got to do a bit of sightseeing before a terrible rainstorm came upon us.

After having lunch at the "Magnolia Cafe" me and Miss Priss's favorite place to eat.
Then a bit of looking around the downtown and doing a bit of shopping.

I decided against my BETTER JUDGEMENT and took the girls in the storming, lighting, thunder and rain (my sister Jenny would have had a FIT had she been with us!!) to one Plantation nearby...which is supposed to be majorly HAUNTED.
I only went there because I knew I could get to it quick.....most are a bit further outside the town.

And we weren't skeeeered of the supposed "ghost".....lots of people on the "porch" were though. It was a tad bit "creepy" with that storm going on and it was only about 4:00pm and had turned "very dark" outside..then add in the terrible thunder and lightening and all those big massive Oak trees looming over head.

Photo of "The Myrtles Plantation" on a "dry day." I didn't take this photo of course.

Big.... hundreds of years old....heavy moss laden limbs.....just waiting to get hit by lightening and fall on us. Ugh. That's all I could think about...I wasn't worried about the ghost. I didn't want a huge Oak limb on our heads.

We weren't going to tour it but I just wanted my niece to see the architecture of the home......because it is beautiful outside of it. Lovely ironwork all around the front porch and such.
Of course they had suspended "tours" because of the storm and everyone was sitting outside in rocking chairs on the back veranda.Scared.

I think the storm enhanced their "nervousness" about the tour and the "ghostie" that is supposed to show up.
Whatever floats your boat.

We checked out the gift shop and walked around the grounds a bit then left....with the lightening and thunder pounding directly over our heads. It was very bad too.
I snapped this photo on our way off the grounds. I loved that Hydrangea bush and that cute little statue.

Didn't get a photo of the "ghost" though. Believe me...I wasn't paying big money to get in to look for her either.

I told the girls....that these Plantations and such have to have some kind of "draw" to get people to visit them.

It's very expensive to upkeep these places you know. And they are beautiful and full of history.....and some of the history is at this particular Plantation.

I wrote a longer post about St. Francisville earlier this year so check it out so you can learn more about that area called the "Felicianas."
It's geogeous....if you ever come to Louisiana...make sure you visit there.

"Me and KJ"...waiting on the porch for the storm to let up. But it didn't so we made a run for it to the truck.


Susie Harris said...

I love that place too! Mag. cafe.... the best. I always eat way too much! Susie h~

Julie said...

Aww, you and your girls are so pretty. I'm glad you had a good time. I did get to visit a plantation outside of Charleston, SC. That was lots of fun.