Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Friends......

Don't you like to meet and make new friends?
I know I do.

This week I was an award from some one I've never met, online or in person! HA~
That's happened before but I never usually post the awards because I feel "bad" for others out there that never get any.
So I hate to flaunt mine when they come to me.

But I will today just to be a "good girl."

I always appreciate the gifts and efforts from others that are given to me. And it does make one feel good I have to say.

It was VERY sweet to be thought of by my new friend at.....
Thru Pink Curtains check out her site and see what she's up to and WHY her spot is called....."Thru Pink Curtains."

This was me the past few days. Well.....not exactly but it's a very good example.
We had TONS of rain from "Fay"...thank goodness she's passed.

But now we have this thing to wonder about......ugh!
Our local weather forcasters are already "talking to us" about this hurricane. Because it's going to get bigger they are expecting it to build to at least a Catagory 3 is what I just heard on the news.

I wonder when this thing is coming into the Gulf.
I don't even want to THINK about it.

But when you live in Louisiana......you have to.
We don't mess around with hurricanes.
My family doesn't anyway.
we have HAD our share of bad experiences with those things.
So we have to prepare.

Besides.....my husband is the
"BIG DADDY" of preparation for most anything that is especially a potential crisis....so that's a good thing.

I think this time though if that thing is coming......I want to flee north.
Maybe to Hot Springs and hang out there..that would be nice.

....I just remembered.....we have that major trip planned to
New York City at the end of September.

I hope this isn't going to interfere with it.
I guess I will have to keep my eye on it. And especially PRAY!


SweetAnnee said...

You may send SOME of that rain my way.. the fleurs are looking dry and the grass is brown.

Hope all is good with you my friend..

VeeTea said...

I hope the weather doesn't interfere with your travels!

I just had tea with Ellen Easton, The Plaza's tea consultant, yesterday. I'm sure she made it beyond compare. We had tea at Lady Mendl's which is phenomenal and I HIGHLY recommend you check it out if possible. There is incredible attention to detail, the service and food are wonderful and (as you requested) there are a number of black teas that can be enjoyed with (gorgeous, handmade) sugar(cubes). If you have trouble making a reservation, let me know.

Yes, I'm pretty sure Joleen is a fictional character played by a man.

Steph said...

Congratulations to you!