Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wedding Story

What to wear?
Hopefully something that makes me look better than I do in these photos.
Ugh! I hate that. (I am so not photogenic so view with caution. HA~!)

Were going to a nice Wedding Reception tonight for our good friend's daughter who just was married two weeks ago in Mexico.

Kenzie and Daniel

Last month (July) a group of who love our mutual friends, held a shower for Kenzie and had a great time doing so. It was an honor and a pleasure to do this.

Blanche, Joanie, Julie, Kenzie, Joyce, Daurie

Kenzie opening gifts....Miss Priss beside her.
Alot of us have daughters the same age as Kenzie or there abouts so they joined us.

Here is my friend Julie and her daughter "O."

Three Amiga's

Joyce and Julie
Miss Priss and Kenzie

Kenzie has really been the very first of all our friends children to get this makes us feel old. I'm ready to give Miss Priss up yet she isn't finished with High School yet so....that's good. HA! HA!
We have some time yet......years in fact I think.

Kenzie met her husband while doing Missions work in Mexico. His parents Pastor a church waaaaaay down there.

Most of us couldn't make it to the Wedding because it was so far....but we will all join together tonight and give the happy couple our blessings!


Valentine Hearts said...

Hi Joyce,

Hope you found something nice to wear and had a fantastic time at the party. I have tried to update my blog but it won't allow me to upload pics so I have given up. I will try again in the week. On holiday from university which is great. Off to the zoo Monday, London Wednesday and then the kids go back to school so it's time to get ready for that. Will try and update as soon as I can Jackie xx

Thru Pink Curtains said...

Find your award on my site--ENJOY

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Joyce.
Nice to meet you! Thank you for visiting my blog.
I read your blog...thank you for sharing your photos!
Taking meds is now a morning routine which includes swimming each morning for me.
I have marked your blog as a favorite and will visit again.
Hugs, Sharon

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Joyce.
You can email me at Would love to talk to you!
Hugs, Sharon

Alice said...

Blessings to the beautiful young couple. May all the best possibilities in life be theirs.

VeeTea said...

Hi, Joyce! Thanks for the comment. Picking one tearoom is tough. What kinds of tearooms do you prefer?

VeeTea said...

Hi Joyce,

I'd suggest Tea & Sympathy for a classic British meal and tea. I wrote a review of them here:

NYC has more options for tea sans milk and sugar, but some cater to both camps. Actually, now that I think about it, you can find a lot of boba (bubble/tapioca pearl) tea made with black tea, milk and sugar, but I doubt that's what you're looking for! T Salon can do milk and honey or agave. Amai offers it, and tasty tea sweets. Oh, Harlem Tearoom is great for milk and sugar if I remember correctly. If you want to spend more, try some of the hotels in the area. The Plaza does a fantastic job with tea, I hear. Enjoy your trip!