Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Getting A GRIP.....

Ever since the crazy hurricane storms....I just can't seem to "GET A GRIP" on things around here.

I think we have been overloaded by time schedules that had gotten delayed and things crept up on us.....like a BIG Ol' TRIP TO NEW YORK City that I JUST booked the rooms for last weekend. I thought I had plenty of time to watch for "deals"....RIGHT!!!

AND.....I didn't have power forever you know. Well....not forever actually...but 6 days does sometimes feel like forever.
However when we got it back I didn't have time to sit at the computer and research rooms forever.

Can I tell you that NYC is COMPLICATED ummm....just what I don't need in my life right now. HA!
A more STRESSFUL city than mine. HA!
AND that place is going to be......ugh.....very expensive. I'm shocked......well sort of.
You have to pay for every tiny little thing. Like even the "Hotel Shuttle" which in most places is "complementary."

And do you know what else is expensive.....HURRICANES!! You have to buy all this "stuff" that you didn't really plan on buying like tons of foooood and supplies....and gas by the boat load to run your generator and then you have to "fix" things that break after the storm.....

So it's been an expensive month here for our family....but.....what can I say?
Except....."it always works out for the good at some point."

This week alone has been hectic and overbooked already......

I feel like this....HA!

Add in......
Gabe missed his flight yesterday in New Orleans. Crazy Ding Dong!
So "someone" ....who happened to turn out to be Luke, had to shuttle him BACK down to New Orleans this morning. UGHGHGH!
Caleb's moving back in THIS WEEKEND so we are painting the spare bedroom frantically......which someone had been staying in and that someone is still here in town.

This week I have TWO Specialist appointments.....went to one today that Gustav messed up and it TOTALLY was NOT very good news....but I'm okay with it....and it will work out somehow.
Only because I am an "OVERCOMER."

And tomorrow will be another appointment.....with a my R.A. Specialist and a Research Group that wants me to "participate" in a "Drug Study" for R.A. I don't know how all this is going to happen but we will see comes out of the meetings.

My R.A. is "flared up" right now....so maybe we can find me some relief. I can't imagine why I would be having a flare up....not like there's been anything to STRESS out about. HA! HA!

So...if your wondering. I'm still here......just super busy and I've had little to no time to write.

Baton Rouge IS getting back in shape though. Some people are STILL without power.

And it looks like a TREE "war zone" though.
Everyone I talk to is exhausted and taxed.

I feel REALLY, REALLY, bad for those that got hit this past weekend in Texas and South West Louisiana.
I know that damage was horrible.

Hang in there though..if you've been through a storm....maybe not even a hurricane but just a "Life Storm"...it takes time but it works out eventually. It gets frustrating but just hang on.....as someone that has "weathered" their fair share of "STORMS" in life.....
I know.
And trust me...some things are just "out of your hands."
So let it go and let someone BIGGER work it all out for you. You may have to put some "feet" to some areas of the rebuilding....but you won't have to "fix it" all.
Thank goodness.

Speaking of "fixing things".....

We are getting our entire roof on our house replaced because of the damage to it.
We have to pay the deductible of course. But it's okay.
Our insurance adjuster was here today. Nice guy.

Add that to the list of "things to do" now.....blah!
Don't get me wrong...We are thankful....for whenever the new roof can happen.

Lord knows when that will be.
Hey at least we have a HOUSE that's left.......many people we know personally have lost great "portions" of their homes. So a new roof isn't so bad compared to loosing entire rooms and sections of your home or your home completely even.

It's all going to work out though.....one day.
It always does!


Valentine Hearts said...

Hi Joyce, thinking of you!! Hope everything is ok with you, don't like to nosey but I hope your news wasn't too bad. Positive thoughts sent your way xx

Steph said...

Here's to hoping things settle down - in the ocean and in your life!

Ms.Daisy said...

Joyce, I am so glad to hear you are coming out of the "dark shadows" and have such a good outlook on all the stressful things that have been happening in your life. You and your family WILL come out of this o.k. because you know that your strength comes from a Higher Power! I will be praying for you.

~Be Blessed,

The Urban Chic said...

Hi Joyce, thanks for visiting and glad that things are shaping up there. You are right about NYC being expensive. My son lives on the Hudson in West New York, New Jersey and when I visit him, it costs over $25 just for a day in the city just to look around. We usually eat a deli, but always splurge one night at a nice restaurant. One great thing is the Senior Citizen discounts at the Museumns. Have fun and use it as a time to relax and rewind. You are so right about the non Gustav coverage---it's still about Katrina.Thoughts and prayers headed your way. Big Hugs and lots of Love, Pat