Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sweet Offerings.....

I liked's called "Lady In The Leaves" pretty.

We have PLENTY of leaves everywhere right now....stripped off of trees from the storms. It's weird how that happens.

One of my poor little rose bushes was doing so well.....then that wretched Gustav just RIPPED it to shreds. It's nearly naked now. UGH!

Yesterday, I heard a bunch of big vehicle noises.
I went out the door and saw a little "Caterpillar" thing literally MOVING the junk, and leaves, and tree limb piles from house to house. It was odd how it worked.

The man would take the smaller piles of yard "trash" for lack of a better word....and move it to one yard......then take all that and move it to another yard making they pile he was moving BIGGER and BIGGER.....then he would stop when it go so big.

Then do it again,and again.

He skipped my neighbors pile because it was SOOOO BIG already......
This is Ms. Karol and Mr. Joe's tree covered part of our parking and both of theirs and the neighbors on the other side of them.This pile is much taller than me......this photo doesn't do it justice really. But look how long it goes on down the way.
It's like this EVERYWHERE in town....

Then the BIG DADDY truck came.....and did this.

They worked until it was gone and until they had cleaned up our ENTIRE street!!

What a relief to get this junk off our lawns finally.....

This process went faster than I thought. I didn't think they would come and remove this stuff for a long time because there's SO much of it all over the city.

We are fortunate to have this done so fast actually.

Right after the storm my neighbor Kim from across the street brought me a bag full of beautiful "Limes" that they had rescued from their Lime tree that was pulled out of the ground by the storm.

I think to think of them as "Sweet Offerings" from the storm.

"Something GOOD always comes out of something BAD."
I believe that.

***Sorry for showing the "bare" electrical outlet. It's a tad tacky I know but it's where we are at.

We are NEARLY done remodeling now.....all we have to do is tile the walls under the cabinet and put on the new electrical coverings and we are DONE!
Hallelujah! HA!
We just haven't had time to finish it (can't imagine why can you??) and it won't be done now until we get back from New York, which is fine......
It's all good and operational and beautiful thus far.***
I'll post photos later when the kitchen is finally completed.***


Charlotte said...

Isn't it nice that these trucks come by and pick up all that stuff. We have trucks that come quarterly to pick up bulk trash. We pile it out in the driveways and they pick it up. It's very helpful, but the neighborhood looks a little trashy for a few days before they pick it up.
I love all your sidebar pictures.

Julie said...

Joyce - Did you order your banner from Mary at Isabella's Closet? She just made a fall banner for me and used the same leaves! I won't start using it until October though. I am still on a blogging break except to honor a couple of friends' birthdays on Sunday and on Sept. 30.

I am so glad that you survived the hurricane with not too much in the way of hardship, damage and heartache.

Hugs, Julie

Valentine Hearts said...

Just got to say thank you thank you!!! know what for, what a lovely thing to do when you have so much going on. I am just getting ready to go to a wedding so I will try and update blog later and send you an email. I'm working tomorrow so fingers crossed I'll get the time later xx

SweetAnnee said...

Oh my gosh..what a HUGE mess.. I know you are glad to get it cleaned up.

Hope your rose comes back next year.Smiles,deena

SweetAnnee said...

I believe that too
Something Good Does Come Out of Something Bad

Sonja said...

Roses don't come with out the thorns!
Not sure if you are familiar with Prayer Lake...go to
They got it pretty bad from the storm...We went this weekend with some friends to help clean loads done but there still is so much more.
Opportunities are defenately out there...
Enjoy your reading! You are a hoot when it comes to it!!!


Alice said...

What a relief it must be to have the yard debris gone. I don't think it would be possible to get back to "normal" with that as a constant reminder.

Steph said...

One of the things I love about Autumn is how it gently nudges out the heat of summer. It's like a rest between one extreme season and another.