Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday........Family and Friends Time

"The Brothers"

This morning ALL our kids were here at our house for "Brunch."

I was able to work this little event up since we have a very special "House guest" staying with us who is also a "Hurricane Ike Evacuee" from Lake Charles, LA. and our kids haven't seen her in awhile PLUS our son Gabe is in from the East Coast.
This called for a "special occasion" a Brunch.

"Anna and Mr. Don"...fine, new, cabinets in the background.
We still have to to get the new tile backsplash up but we've had way toooo much hurricane drama to get it done.
We met Anna when we lived in Abbeville LA. for Seven years before coming back to Baton Rouge. She was probably about 13 years old when our family first became acquainted with her and her family.

She's one of the sweetest and smartest little girls we know. She's finishing up College in Lake Charles. We always drop in to see her and stay with her on our way back and forth to Texas whenever we make those trips. She's dated a fine young man from Holland for three years now and he attends LSU where he is currently finishing up his "Masters" so it worked out well for her to come and stay with us.
That was she could visit him as well.

"The Brothers".....Caleb, Gabe, and Luke
Interestingly.....this turned into an "LSU Brunch" because everyone was dressed for the game which is something we just do in Baton Rouge on a Saturday anyway. Well 6 out of 8 of us were dressed in something "Purple and Gold."

"Mal, Caleb, Anna, Gabe"
So when I saw how most everyone was showed up in their "Game Garb"......I grabbed out some "LSU" napkins and purple cups that I had recently bought to color coordinate with what was going on. HA!

***Notice.....I was having my morning "Cup of Tea" the same time as getting the Brunch ready. :~)

"Italian Boy, Gabe, Luke, Mal, Caleb, and Anna"......

"Italian Boy...Caleb and Gabe"

I had prepared biscuits, sausage and an awesome Breakfast Casserole which consisted of Eggs, Spinach, Onions and Cheese in it for the Brunch.
Everyone loved it all, especially the Breakfast Casserole!

Gabe had flown in from Connecticut on Thursday for a visit and to attend the game.
Crazy boy! Because we are going to New York to meet him in....ummmm....two weeks from today. He's been home to Baton Rouge THREE times since May. That is nutty.

Gabe and his friend Mal.

Miss Priss and her FAVORITE "Cajun Spicy Beans"

She LOVES to eat those things.....ugh. I think they STINK! It's all the spices and garlic.

My kids are SUCH Louisianians.
They crack me up!


Valentine Hearts said...

What a mighty fine looking brood of children you have!! I love that you are all up for sports...puts me to shame, I'm more of a chocolate and telly kinda girl!! Hope you are having a great weekend x

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce,your family looks super. I just pray this is it for all of us this year. I for one have enough and now we are under a flood watch and the rain looks like it will be with us until Thursday. Hope your week is great. Hugs, Pat

Susie Harris said...

Whewww. I thought it was just me having a hard time getting back to life. I cant complain other than having a very messy yard. I should and I am very grateful but Im just taking too long to get back to normal, ugh!
Im sorry that I missed church again. I know that would help me tons! Marc had to go into work and I stayed in bed. He works on Bluebonnet and they still have no power to his office. Maybe today... I hope. It's funny to see him go to work in shorts. Im use to sending him off dressed for church, smile. That's what Maddy calls it. If you are dressed nice it's church clothes. Well I hope all is well with your friends and neighbors now. Take care~

KJ said...

Entertaining post, Miss Joyce! You are having some wild parties lately, what with all that food, good looking guests, and color coordination! One would never know that you had just survived a hurricane! Oh, and the napkins... Ooo la la!

Do you think you might just share that breakfast casserole?


IsabellaCloset said...

Joyce, What handsome fellas.. I bet it was fun at your house.
LOVE the cabinets!
Take care sweetie!!!
Hugs ~Mary~ :-}
PS yes the banner business is booming again :-}
Thanks so much!