Friday, September 26, 2008

New York, Here We COME!

I'm writing this just before I go to bed....we are packed and ready to goooo!

Well, Miss Priss is having a "Crisis" just now fitting all her "stuff" in her suitcase....but I'm going to bed and she can figure it out.

We will be flying out of New Orleans tomorrow morning.
Caleb, Luke and Danny, our Black Lab will be "holding the fort" here at the house while we meet Gabe in New York.

So I will talk to you all more and fill you in when I get back.

Oh... and the "Tales I will Tell".....I'm sure of it!
All good too I know!
Bye for now!!!


Anonymous said...

and I'm going to Poland! How about that!?

Valentine Hearts said...

Have a fantastic time, look forward to catching up on your return xx

Denise said...


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a lovely and safe and restful trip!