Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thoughts Of Autumn.......

(***Note: "This photo is NOT how it looks in South Louisiana!***")

Silly me......I missed it.
The Day "Autumn" arrived that is.
It's not like me....to miss something that I love that much.

But I did miss it's coming and the only way I can explain it is the remind myself that my days have been crazy and hazy this month.

Two hurricanes.....#1 Son home for a visit....#2 Son moving back home this past weekend....#3 Son.....well...he's just fine....and Miss Priss..Child #4...preparing along with my husband and I for our trip to "New York City" this weekend.

It's just all been too much.
And so I missed the "Grand Entrance" of my most FAVORITE season.

Yet, I'm fortunate to even know what day it is today today.
Is is Tuesday isn't it?

When you consider where I live.....the "Entrance of Autumn" isn't so "Grand" actually.
I wish it were though. You know we really don't have many trees that "turn colors" down here. It just doesn't get cold enough here to do that.

I really do miss seeing how the earth changes and begins to embrace dying and then becoming dormant.

Oh we have certain "signs" of Autumn here....it does become a tad cooler. Like for example....it's only 87 degrees here today :~)...and less humid. Hummmm.
My favorite two things.......
And it rains....and it rains.
That's normal....it rains here alot no matter what season it is.

And of course it begins to get darker earlier in the evening as well....

However with all that stated....one of best signs that Autumn has arrived is
of course......
"College Football" has started nation wide.

And boy has it ever begun here in Baton Rouge and so far, we are off to one fine "Season." I hope it keeps up... "GEAUX TIGERS!"

"Happy Fall Y'ALL....."


Our Red House said...

I know what you mean. In most of Australia autumn comes in with a whisper not a bang too. All our native trees are evergreen, so we need exotic trees to even have a leaf fall.


Susie Harris said...

Hey Joyce! thanks for the headsup on that virus... Scary! I called Marc and told him to watch for it as well.
I love that first picture that you posted of fall. I could just picture myself taking a long stroll down that lane. Im so exicited for yall and your trip! Hope you take a bunch of pictures! Take care~

KJ said...

Oh, college football is alive and well in my home! My hubby and sons were watching the USC game last night. Bryce is a fan just to snub the rest of us UCLA fans. Most of us relished USC's loss to Oregon last night. They thought they were invincible. We call USC the University of Spoiled Children. Bear is also a die hard Penn St. fan! Go Joe!

If you read my post on the unspectacular So. Cal. falls, you will know that you and I share logistics. But, like you, I create my own fall!


Sonja said...

The weather is beautiful...could be a little cooler but hey, I am not complaining!
Wil and I drove through North Carolina during the fall one year and it was so picture perfect! The trees were in so many variaty of colors...it had been a long time since I'd seen that.
Hope you have a wonderful trip and enjoy the city!


Julie said...

Happy Autumn to you!

Our leaves are just beginning to turn here. Wait until October! We don't have many red leaves in ND though, because we hardly have any maples. Hardly any oaks either. But I do appreciate our subtle autumn beauty, even if it is just the tawny or russet grasses of the prairie.

Have great fun in New York. "Autum in New York" with Winona Ryder and Richard Gere. One of my favorite movies and I found it at Kmart yesterday for $9.99.