Thursday, January 28, 2010

"I'm here to serve you"

The wall and the fireplace in my living room...they are TWO different colors.
The walls are "Benjamin Moore"...a "historical color"..."Providence Olive" is the name of the color.

My sister is having a paint "meltdown" in Iowa. She is very me but worse.
She sent me a text to call her today while I was STILL in bed...(thank you very much...some of us sleep until 10:00am)to go take photos of my front room wall paint colors and send them to her.
Apparently after our phone conversation last night she sent her husband to get the paint I told her we had and he thinks it's wrong. Ugh.

I hate when that happens. So hopefully Jenny...these photos will help you to see if it is correct. I am not a GOOD photographer so do what you can with this.

Don't forget to kiltz and to use TWO coats of paint. That is my husband's recipe to painting. Both of these walls are the same color but the light is falling on them differently. Hope this helps you Jennifer. Or should I say rather..."I hope this helps Paul."

Chantelle, my good friend in Birmingham will be pleased with me today too here on "The Secret Gardener," because she sent me a message via Facebook so the entire world could see it....asking me to "PLEASE change your blog, I'm tired of looking at that Gall Bladder photo, it's making me sick.

I just want my friends and family all over the world to know that I MAY live in Louisiana...miles and miles away from where you are.
But regardless..."I'm here to serve you."
You silly gooses!

Come back soon....
I have to tell ya'll about a new book and study I am in due to the fact I WON it on Sheri's blog site "The Leaking Window."
It's an amazing little book and I am loving it!! I want to share more on this next time.

It's over 62 degrees here, the sun is SHINING full of my neighbors is's just a lovely day outside.
I had "Doves" cooing on my back patio this morning. I saw a dandelion the other day...two of them in fact. My Maple tree is budding big time.
I think SPRING in the South is on it's way!!!


Southern Touch Catering said...

Joyce, At times, you do make me laugh! I Love it!

sister sheri said...

Can't wait to hear your thoughts about the book... life-changing for me!