Saturday, February 12, 2011

Things That LAST!

"Earthly riches are full of poverty."

I've got something "New"
in my life
And it means so much to me already.
"What could it be?"
Your possibly wondering.
"Is it a new Chanel purse?"
New book??
I always have a "new book" I'm reading
 but that's not what I'm talking about.
New  Christian Louboutin Pumps??
What are you kidding me?
I couldn't even stand up in those things.
But they sure do look pretty!
Could it be Diamonds and Rubies....?
Not hardly. Besides...I have that stuff.
Even though that thing is waaaay bigger than mine!

Must be a new "Tea Cup" then......

I have that stuff it all, but I have plenty.
So let me just spill the beans.
Because this game could go on forever and ever now couldn't it?
I have new friendship.
Funny thing too.
She doesn't live near me.
In fact, she lives far, far, away.
I've never seen her face,
Nor do I know what her voice sounds like.
(and thank GOD she speaks English because I don't speak her language)

we go together like

Peanut butter and JELLY!
I mean it's just been amazing, the similar interests we have and how we have hit it off so well.
Poor thing...I bombard her with millions of questions daily. And she still likes me!
Now you've just got to be curious about this.
I must reassure you that I don't hang out in
"chat rooms."

I know your thinking...
"OKAY then how did Joyce meet this lady??"

Well, I have Kimberly Shaw to thank for this new friendship.
She has been hosting a "Tea Swap" for the past
 8 months now.
In which time,
 I have had 3 different
"Tea friends" from all over the United States.
During this time I've had the wonderful opportunity of getting to know all these ladies, while exchanging not only Tea, but letters, and recipes and friendship with them.
Currently we have just started into our 4th
 "Tea Swap."
 I was "given" (I say "given" because she has been like a "gift" to me) my new Tea Friend nearly 2 weeks ago and I feel like I have known her FOREVER!
We have HIT it off GRANDLY!!!
I just love her to bits already......
We talk every day....(via email) SEVERAL times a day!
She's on another Continent and in a different time zone and we still manage to do this! HA!
Every morning and through out the day I excitedly check my emails because I am ANTICIPATING on hearing from her.
It's like I have found a long lost "Sister."
Ladies, can I just say this........
"Never miss an opportunity to befriend someone."
Even if you have to step out of your "comfort zone" and do something you've never done before.
I am blessed with many friends.....and I love them all dearly.
But there is always room for
 one more.

And if you don't open your never know who you may be missing in your life.
I took a risk in joining this
"Tea Swap"
and it has been fabulous for me.
I've had my world "expanded"
 and it's been a sweet thing for me. 
Because things don't always work out that way.
Shoes, purses, flowers, jewels, cars, houses, whatever.....won't always be around.
They grow small, they go out of style,
fall apart and sometimes get lost.
Relationships, people, souls....last.
If you want to join Kimberly Shaw's Tea her on her blog site.
 AND DO browse at her cards while your at it.
I'm one that appreciates art.
But I'm no artist.
She is.
Kimberly, creates the
most unique line of greeting cards.
With TEA BAGS in them....
Imagine that.

I love giving them.
I love getting them.


samovar said...

what a SWEET ode to our new friendship.!., i love you, too!

Linda J. said...

What a lovely post! Tea friends are so special!

Ms.Daisy said...

What a beautiful idea - a tea swap - where you get to meet all kinds of new people! You are so right, always be on the lookout for new friends..."things" are so temporary but friends go on forever!


Anonymous said...

WOW, knock my socks off! You have really made my day! Knowing my tea swap is a blessing means so much to me. I had no idea what to expect when I first offered it, and never thought anyone would even join. Now there are over 30 gals happily swapping tea, and more importantly, making friend. Thanks for your wonderful posts mentioning the swap and my teacup cards. You are a real friend!